Samsung Galaxy S22 drop tests prove why you need a case

Shattered back of Galaxy S22 after drop tests by Allstate Protection Plans
(Image credit: Allstate Protection Plans)

Samsung's new Galaxy S22 phones may look quite striking. But based on durability testing, you're going to want to make sure that nothing strikes any of the three new models until you get them inside a protective case.

That's the conclusion from Allstate Protection Plans, a device insurance company that ran a series of drop tests on the newly released Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra. In all three drop tests, the phones sustained visible damage, with some drops leaving select models unusable.

"Some of the design upgrades in the base S22 and S22 Ultra models have resulted in durability downgrades when compared to their Galaxy S21 predecessors," said Jason Siciliano, vice president and global creative director at Allstate Protection Plans in a press releasing announcing drop test results. "While these durability concerns shouldn’t prevent anyone from considering a Galaxy S22, they do increase the need for a case and screen protector."

The new Galaxy S phones fared the worst when dropped face-down from 6 feet onto concrete. All three models shattered on the first drop with the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra considered unusable due to the severity of glass damage. The Galaxy S22 Plus also sustained cracks in its display with shattered lower corners, though it was still possible to use the phone safely.

Dropping the phones back-side down from 6 feet also resulted in shattering on the first drop, though all three models continued to function normally. You would need to wear gloves or put the phones in a case due to the loose glass, however.

Shattered back of Galaxy S22 Ultra after drop tests by Allstate Protection Plans

(Image credit: Allstate Protection Plans)

When dropped on their sides, the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus only suffered minor damage, which Allstate attributed to the phones' aluminum frames. With its more curved sides, the Galaxy S22 Ultra shattered at the corners and cracked across its display.

Unlike the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the new Ultra model adopts a more Galaxy Note-like design, which seems to have affected durability. Likewise, the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus have traded out the plastic backs used in the S21 counterparts for a glass back, resulting in the decreased durability.

Still, the results will likely disappoint Samsung, which touted the durability of its new phones, which start at $799 for the Galaxy S22. Each model features Gorilla Glass Victus Plus to strengthen the front and back of the phones. The results stand out in contrast to Allstate's iPhone 13 drops tests, in which the phones proved to be as durable as the previous year's models.

As Allstate's Siciliano notes, the durability tests underscore the need for a case if you're buying a Galaxy S22 model. We've rounded up the best Galaxy S22 cases, as well as the best Galaxy S22 Plus cases. And if you're spending $1,199 on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, you will definitely want to get one of the best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases to protect that investment.

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