Samsung Galaxy S20 killer from Oppo will have 120Hz 3K display

Oppo Find X2 with 120HZ 3K display
(Image credit: Oppo)

The Oppo Find X2 has “the screen that a 2020 true flagship should have”, according to the company’s VP Brian Shen. The problem is that we still have not a clue what 120Hz “3K” really means.

The long awaited sequel to the Oppo Find X — which our editor in chief’s review called a “stunning slice of the future” — will finally launch on March 6. The sleek phone — which will go head to head against the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the iPhone 11 Pro Max — was supposed to arrive on February 22 at the cancelled MWC 2020 in Barcelona, Spain.

What’s a “120Hz 3K” display?

According to the teaser image posted by Shen, the Oppo Find X2 will sport a 120Hz 3K panel. This may mean that it has three thousand lines of pixels vertically, but it’s not clear what it really means.

According to reliable mobile phone rumormonger Ice Universe, it will be a true QHD panel that runs at 120Hz: “[C]an't wait to get OPPO Find X2,” Ice Universe said in a tweet, “I want to experience the real QHD + 120Hz. Samsung's FHD + 120Hz makes me addicted, but not clear enough.” This seems to imply that the phone will always run at 120Hz at any resolution.

It seems that the famous Twitter leakster expects the Find X2 to have a better display than the one in the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

A possible look for the Oppo Find X2?

A possible look for the Oppo Find X2? (Image credit: Unknown)

Oppo Find X2 specs

The Oppo Find X was an impressive phone, both for its design and its top of the line technical specs at the time. There’s little known about the Find X2 but — by the sound of that display — it seems that the Chinese company is aiming to compete head to head and try to beat the best flagships out there.

We know for sure that the Find X2 will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, according to Oppo’s President of Global Sales Alen Wu

There have been rumors that the 120Hz 3K display will be an 6.5-inch AMOLED panel. The rumors also say that base system may start at 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, three camera sensors on it back, and a 32-megapixel selfie camera, following Oppo’s obsession with taking the best selfie shots. The entire package will allegedly be powered by a 4,065mAh battery.

A Bluetooth certification filing unearthed by Gizchina shows two models listed as CPH2023 and CPH2025, which the site claims are two models of the Find X2. The former has a rear camera module with 48MP, 12MP, and 13MP sensors, while the latter uses a 48MP, 48MP, and 13MP sensor combination that corresponds to wide angle, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. The filing, whoever, says that these new smartphones will have a 6.7-inch WQHD panel. 

I am curious to see if the Find X2 keeps its signature sliding hidden back camera design. Knowing how Samsung, Huawei and everyone else are adding giant iPhone 11-style camera packages to the back of their flagships, it will be very refreshing for Oppo to avoid this ugly design.

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