Samsung Galaxy Note 20 details unveiled as new case designs are released

Galaxy Note 20 colors
(Image credit: Windows United)

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S20 series are almost in the hands of users, all eyes turn to Samsung's next big project: the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

There's been a series of high-profile leaks and snippets of info released about the handset in the last few weeks, and it looks like the Note 20 could be coming with a state-of-the-art curved screen, 5G capabilities and an updated S Pen

This latest leak reveals what could potentially be the Note 20's final design. A leaked sketch of a smartphone case said to be destined for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has been released on Chinese social media site Weibo by Samsung leaker Fan Long. 

It shows a case with a power button and volume rockers on one side – which could give credence to those rumours of the power and volume buttons peeking through the curved "waterfall" screen, revealed via some leaked Samsung patents. If so, the sides of the case would need to be transparent in order for the smartphone to showcase that curved screen properly. 

Otherwise, the case has room for a rectangular module at the back, which means Samsung is going all-in on its S20-style modules for the Note series, too. We're betting the standard boilerplate Note 20 will have a camera setup equal to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, if not the powerhouse S20 Ultra. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Is this the "empty shell" of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20? (Image credit: Fan Long/Weibo)

We can glean a surprising amount about the phone simply by looking at the case's "negative space" and imagining what might (or might not) fit there. The volume rocker and power buttons are in the same place as the Note 10, while the right side has no functional buttons - again, in a design very similar to the Note 10. 

However, the camera gap at the rear of the case is much bigger, and based on the designs of Samsung's new flagships, it's not hard to imagine a large camera module would fit there in order to bring the Note series in line with the S20 models.

One of the main reasons this case sketch from Samsung is believed to be for the Note 20 is the bottom of the case. A big gap at the bottom right looks like it was destined for a redesigned S Pen, just where it might fit in the Note 20. The bottom also contains holes for a microphone, speaker grill and USB-C enabled connection. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Image credit: Future)

It's an exciting development, as we can start to visualise how the phone is taking shape. However, we must stress that the phone is not expected until July at the earliest, and this is one of what we imagine are many possible designs at this stage. Take the information with a grain of salt, but it's the best we have to go on so far.

If the S20 series is any indication, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is likely to be one hell of a phone (or "phablet", depending on how big this model chooses to go). We can't wait until the phone is formally unveiled later this year.

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