Russian Doll season 2 Netflix release date and time — how to watch online right now

Natasha Lyonne in a subway in Russian Doll season 2
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Time is a flat circle — and it's brought Russian Doll season 2 to Netflix today (April 20) and you can hit 'play' right now.

Russian Doll (one of the best shows on Netflix) returns after what feels like a lifetime. Well, three years, but a whole pandemic happened since the show premiered in February 2019. In season 1, game developer Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) somehow winds up reliving her 36th birthday party repeatedly, having the same conversations with the same friends. Even if Nadia dies, the loop resets and the party starts over. 

While investigating what is happening to her, Nadia discovers a man named Alan (Charlie Barnett) is also experiencing a time loop. They team up to figure out how they're connected and if they can help each other break free.

Season 2 is set four years after (spoiler) Nadia and Alan successfully escaped the time loop. They find an unexpected time portal located in one of Manhattan’s most notorious locations, which sends them on an era-spanning, intergenerational adventure. At first, they enjoy it but soon discover that it's a fate even worse than endless death. Together, they must search for a way out.

When does Russian Doll season 2 come out on Netflix?

Russian Doll season 2 is available to stream right now, with all seven episodes dropping on Wednesday, April 20 at 3 a.m. ET on Netflix.


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Russian Doll season 2 trailer

The full-length Russian Doll season 2 trailer previews the new time trip in store for Nadia and Alan. It looks like they're going back to ... 1982! Don't call Nadia a time traveler, though. "I prefer the term time prisoner," she says. 

Russian Doll season 2 cast

The Russian Doll season 2 cast is led by co-creator Natasha Lyonne as Nadia Vulvokov, a coder. 

Also returning is Charlie Barnett as Alan Zaveri, the man who is also stuck in a time loop.

Other season 1 cast members who are appearing again include Greta Lee as Maxine,  Rebecca Henderson as Lizzy, and Elizabeth Ashley as Ruth. All are Nadia's friends. 

Russian Doll season 2 is adding a few new faces. Emmy winner Annie Murphy, best known as Alexis Rose on Schitt's Creek, joins in an undisclosed role. Chloë Sevigny is playing Lenora Vulvokov, Nadia's mother. Other new cast members are Sharlto Copley as Chez, Carolyn Michelle Smith as Agnes, Ephraim Sykes as Derek and Malachi Nimmons as Danny.

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