PS5 won't force you to upgrade your TV — here's why

Playstation 5
(Image credit: Sony)

You'll be able to play the PS5 at its best without needing a new TV with the latest high-end connector standard.

This is according to a TechRadar interview with Sony's digital & home cinema product manager, Christopher Mullins, who said TV's and displays without an HDMI 2.1 connection won't hold next-generation PS5 games back.  

Mullins, who was discussing Sony's newly launched line of premium projectors, said that the baseline for the PS5 would be 4K gaming at 60Hz. Therefore, he argues, the lack of HDMI 2.1 ports on the projectors like the VPL-GZ380, which is partly aimed at gamers, won't matter.

HDMI 2.1 is capable of a maximum 10K resolution at 120Hz, but for normal users' purposes, it easily manages 4K or 8K resolutions when using the new Ultra High Speed standard cables. The standard's been around since 2017, but is only really beginning to become common, with many screens and projectors sticking with the older HDMI 2.0b standard instead.

While the PS5, and the Xbox Series X too, are both promising 4K gaming, it's not guaranteed that many titles will be actually capable of this at 120Hz, at least within the first few months of their lifespan. While you may eventually want to upgrade to a TV or monitor that can handle the higher refresh rates, it sounds like there's not much point doing that at launch.

Most of us don't have the funds to buy both a new HDMI 2.1-compatible screen as well as a new console. So it's great to hear that we won't need to empty our bank accounts in order to enjoy at least the first round of next-gen games as they are meant to be played.

The PS5 is available for pre-order right now, although it's easier to get the standard PS5 than the PS5 Digital Edition. Once it finally arrives on November 12, you'll be able to enjoy its speedy custom SSD for quick loading times, the haptic functionality of the new DualSense controller, and the immersive powers of its 3D audio.

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