PS5 will be faster than Xbox Series X, according to leaked specs

Sony PS4 Pro Console
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Here we go again. The next-gen console wars are raging once more, this time with claims that the PS5 will beat the pixels out of the Xbox Series X when it comes to overall performance despite the latter’s faster GPU.

PlayStation Universe reports on the latest by Tidux, who the outlet claims is a well known gaming industry leaker with a solid track record. In a tweet, Tidux says that the PS5’s overall performance beats the Xbox Series X.

The leakster says that the CPUs of both PS5 and Xbox Series X are about the same, while the latter beats Sony’s console in graphics processing power by 1 teraflop. 

The PS5, however, appears to take the lead on RAM, with Sony surpassing Microsoft in both bandwidth and size. The SSD storage unit will also be faster and bigger in the PS5 than in the Xbox Series X.

The information appears to be based on the final dev kits of PS5 which, according to Tidux, have been released to developers. “This is what info i have gathered over the last few weeks. Final dev kits for PS5 are out,” wrote Tidux.

Too early to tell?

Tidux believes that the mix of these features will give the PS5 an overall performance edge, but it is not clear yet how all these specs will translate into real world advantages. 

At the end of the day, there will be two factors that will turn consumers one way or the other.

First, and perhaps the most important factor to choose one console, will be the quality and number of exclusive games at launch and for the first few months. If you must play a PS5 exclusive like Godfall, it doesn’t matter how many teraflops the Xbox Series X has — you will get the PS5. The same goes for the Xbox Series X and a game like Halo Infinite.

The second will be the services. If Microsoft offers a better cloud-based plan than Sony, with more games and better performance for a flat fee, then consumers may feel inclined to go the Xbox Series X route. 

In other words: it’s too early too tell what all these specs will mean in the Next-Gen Console Wars. Let the fanboys argue. You can wait and see what console is better for you when they actually release this holiday season.

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