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PS5 UK pre-order guide: Amazon, Currys, Game, Very, and more

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony has finally revealed that the PS5 is being released on November 19 in the U.K. and Europe, lagging behind the U.S. release date of November 12. 

Thanks to the PS5 September livestream, we know that Sony’s new console costs £449.99 in Britain, with the Digital Edition going for £359.99. Sony said pre-orders would go live on September 17, but a slew of retailers have jumped the gun.

In the U.K. some online and physical retailers have opened up pre-orders, while other have stuck with pages that allow customers to register their interest in the PS5. However, those who pressed go on their pre-order pages have seemingly sold out of both editions of the PS5, so you might struggle to find one. But check back here as well keep this page updated as more pre-orders go live or PS5 stock is replenished. 

PS5 pre-orders in stock now (checked every 15 minutes)

PS5 pre-orders: Where to buy 

Your best bet at securing a PS5 pre-order is likely to be with Amazon UK, Currys, Game, and ShopTo. But bear in mind that it might take a while for these retailers to get their PS5 pre-order stock back to capacity, so be prepared to wait for those "out of stock" statuses to change. 

But for the time being, here's a handy list of retailers to check frequently:

PS5 pre-orders at Amazon UK

PS5: £449 at Amazon UK
Amazon UK has pre-orders ready for the standard version of the PS5, but it's currently unavailable. View Deal

PS5 pre-orders at Currys

PS5: register your interest at Currys
Pre-orders for the PS5 haven't gone live on Currys yet, but you can register your interest and be alerted when they are ready. View Deal

PS5 pre-orders at Game

PS5: register your interest at Game
PS5 pre-orders at Game can be made at one of its retail stores dotted across the U.K. But online you can only register your interest in the PS5. View Deal

PS5 pre-orders at Argos

PS5: register your interest at Argos
Argos has a pre-order page but you can't pre-order the console yet. You can register your interest though and Argos will flag when pre-orders are ready. View Deal

PS5 pre-orders at Very

PS5: £449 at
Online retailer Very has a pre-order listing for the standard PS5. Just bear in mind it take payment from the moment you pre-order, so make sure you really want the PS5 first. View Deal

PS5 pre-orders at ShopTo

PS5: £449 at ShopTo
ShopTo has a pre-order page for the PS5 priced at £449.85, so some 14p less than other pre-orders. However, the console is completely sold out, so you might have to check back with the online retailer a bit later. View Deal

PS5 pre-orders at John Lewis

PS5: check back with John Lewis
John Lewis has a strong electronics section but the venerable British retailer hasn't got a pre-order page ready for the PS5 yet, through it does have an page indicating that the PS5 will be stocked and sold by it. View Deal

Sony has its own PS5 pre-order page, but it's a holding one as it hasn't put pre-orders for either console live yet. But it could be a good place to check if the above U.K. retailers don't replenish their pre-order stock.  

For the latest on official PS5 pre-orders, you can also check out our pre-order widget embedded just below. This widget will alert readers as soon as PS5 pre-orders become available, no matter which website offers the option.