PS5 restock at GameStop sold out — how to get yours when it returns

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Finding PS5 restock is a problematic pursuit at the moment, and it’s not exactly made easier with sudden restocks. Case in point, GameStop had a late-night burst of PS5 stock yesterday (February 23). 

Seemingly coming out of left-field with no warning, the GameStop restock offered both the standard $499 PS5 and the $399 PS5 Digital Edition, as well as various console bundles. But sadly the PS5 restock was short-lived, and at the time of writing, there are no more consoles available. 

It would appear that PS5 consoles on their own were the first to sell out followed by more expensive bundles, which stuck around a little longer, likely due to the bundles slapping on an extra $100 onto the cost of the PS5. 

We've argued before that console bundles aren’t always the best way to buy a new games machine, And our very own Henry T. Casey ran into such frustration as he got caught up in GameStop’s PS5 restock flurry. 

Unfortunately, Casey appeared to be unsuccessful in getting hold of a PS5, which just shows how the demand for Sony’s new gaming machine is overwhelming. Sony is apparently being “relentless” in its drive to increase PS5 production but that’s not likely to kill stock shortages any time soon.  

How to get the PS5 from GameStop when it returns 

If you missed or were unsuccessful with GameStop’s late-night PS5 restock, then don’t give up hope. The retailer is very likely to have more PS5 stock in before too long, so you can set yourself up for when that happens. 

We suggest that you not only keep an eye on our PS5 restock tracking article but also ensure you keep an eye on the GameStop Twitter account as it will suddenly tweet about PS5 stock drops. 

And it’s best to ensure you have a GameStop account set up with your payment details and other information logged so that when you spot a PS5 in stock you can jump on it and purchase it as quickly as possible. Given such restocks garner a vast amount of attention, the difference between securing a PS5 order and missing it can be a matter of seconds. 

Of course, if you’re finding the whole effort of securing a PS5 deeply frustrating, then we suggest you hold fire until the stock situation is more stable. The PS5 isn’t exactly flush with exclusive games so you don’t really need one yet, especially as most of the current best PS5 games will run on the PS4

Give it a few months and you’ll be more likely to see some of our most anticipated PS5 games available for sale. 

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