PS5 DualSense too ugly for you? Check out these better designs

PS5 DualSense
(Image credit: Fleshmonk)

The PS5 controller, known as the DualSense, was revealed yesterday to some bemusement from the gaming world. So some enterprising individuals tried to improve the two-tone design, with ideas both sensible and somehow even stranger than what Sony did.

These designs, coming from fleshmonk on Twitter (via PS5 News - PlayStation 5), show us some alternative color schemes for the DualSense. Our particular favorite from this batch is the all-black version, which looks a lot like the DualShock controllers that the PlayStation line has used up until now.

Fleshmonk also offered some slightly weirder options, including designs inspired by the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons, PS4 mascot Knack and even the EVA Unit One from the celebrated anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Sony may sell some of the tamer colors and gradients itself in its own way, as the current DualShock 4 comes in a ton of different colors including blue, white, red and gold. Sony may not offer the more wacky options itself, but there's always the option to apply some decals yourself if you're determined to turn your DualSense into an ironic tribute to a rival console, or a monument to a terrifying piece of Japanese animation history.

The DualSense takes a radically different color scheme to previous controllers, but still features the familiar buttons, touch pad and analog stick layout of the DualShock 4. The Share button has been replaced with a new Create button, which will reportedly offer more options for capturing gameplay. The controller also contains new haptic feedback features to help games deliver more immersive rumble, and an inbuilt microphone for voice chat.

After a very in-depth look at the PS5's hardware courtesy of console architect Mark Cerny a few weeks ago, this controller reveal is much easier for fans to get to grips with. As for when we'll actually get our hands on the DualSense, it's set to launch with the PS5 this holiday season, with the Xbox Series X in hot pursuit.

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