Xbox Series X will be cheaper than PS5 at launch — here’s why

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The Xbox Series X will likely be available for less than the PS5 at launch, thanks to Xbox's flexible purchase option of monthly payments.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will sell its new console through the Xbox All Access service, thanks to comments made by Xbox boss Phil Spencer to IGN (via BGR). We previously knew that existing All Access customers were able to upgrade to a Series X, but this is confirmation that the service will continue in full onto the new generation of hardware.

Xbox All Access is a subscription service that allows you to effectively lease an Xbox One S or Xbox One X console from Microsoft for a two year period, along with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a starting price of $20 per month. You can still play online, and you're free to buy additional titles for the console yourself on top of the 100+ games you can access through the Game Pass. 

If you're already a subscriber, you can upgrade to an Xbox Series X when it launches by trading in your existing Xbox One console with the same retailer you bought the All Access subscription from. However, you'll have to have been subscribed to All Access for 18 months or more to upgrade.

The price of the Series X hasn't been decided yet, but it will be set in stone soon based on various factors, says Spencer. No doubt one of these things is the PS5, since Sony managed to undercut the price of the last generation Xbox One by $100 with its PS4, and gained a considerable share of the console market as a result. Spencer also mentioned that Microsoft isn't ignoring the economic difficulties caused by the current global crisis.

The Xbox Series X, along with the PS5, will be launched this winter, hopefully without any delays caused by coronavirus-related problems. In fact, the troubles caused by  the viral pandemic may play into the Xbox's favor, as gamers lacking in savings may appreciate the flexibility that the All Access service offers.

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