This Oculus Quest 2 app makes the best VR headset even better

Oculus Quest 2
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You can finally stream your favorite PC VR-only titles to your Oculus Quest 2 again without sideloading the Virtual Desktop app. 

Virtual Desktop developer Guy Godin finally received approval from the Oculus Quest store 20 months after seeing the software removed at Facebook's behest. Two weeks ago, Godin resubmitted Virtual Desktop to Facebook's new App Lab non-store distribution method, receiving an approval. Interestingly enough, Facebook approved Virtual Desktop for the main Oculus Quest store, and not the App Lab. As a result, it's available to pick up now for $19.99.

Virtual Desktop allows you to stream your PC-only VR titles to your Oculus Quest unit. You can also use it to browse the internet, watch movies, or run other apps on your desktop. Virtual Desktop also supports Bluetooth peripherals such as mice, keyboards, and gamepads. Think of it as bringing your PC to the Quest as a second desktop experience. And given that the Oculus Quest 2 already tops our list of the best VR headsets, this just pushes it even further ahead of the competition.

When Virtual Desktop first launched in 2019, it didn't allow for PC VR game streaming. Once Godin added that feature, he estimated that 40,000 users relied on the app to stream games on every day. Facebook sent a removal request to Godin, stating that it was looking to "deliver a consistent, comfortable experience to customers." That's what prompted Godin to offer the patch on SideQuest, a third-party application meant to facilitate sideloading content. 

Until Facebook allowed the feature on its Quest store, users had to resort to sideloading the patch onto their Quest units. Godin originally submitted his wireless PC VR streaming patch to Facebook's App Lab on Feb. 10. Now, it's available with no additional work to get it on the Quest.

Virtual Desktop's version 1.20 cites its removal of the "need for patch to stream PCVR games" as its biggest change. The new version also adds multi-account support in its Streamer app, set the ability to automatically transfer screenshots to your desktop, and a variety of other augments. Most importantly, you can enjoy your favorite games like Half-Life: Alyx wirelessly on your Oculus Quest — a winning result for everyone. 

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