New PS5 model now on sale — here’s what’s changed

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Sony has reportedly put a new PS5 on sale. But before you rush to our PS5 restock page, bear in mind that the new model has the smallest of changes and won't make Sony's flagship console any easier to find. 

Spotted in the wild by Press-Start, the new PS5 model went on on sale in Australia last week, not that you'd be able to easily tell. The new PS5 can only be clearly identified by its model number (CFI-1102A), as aside from that its packaging is pretty much identical to that the console launched with nearly a year ago. 

The new PS5 model is slightly lighter than the original iteration, shaving around 300g off the console's weight. The most noticeable change comes to the screw that attaches the base stand to the console; this can now be adjusted by hand rather than requiring a screwdriver.

Update (8/29): A tear-down of the new PS5 has revealed that the weight loss is due to a much smaller heat sink, which results in higher operating temperatures.

new PS5 model - adjustable screw

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It’s not uncommon for console manufacturers to regularly update their flagship machines. Sony released several different iterations of the PS4 under a range of model numbers, alongside more significant upgrades in the form of the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro which both launched in 2016, three years after the release of the base console.

Unfortunately, this new PS5 model is unlikely to fix the restock issues that have plagued the console since it was first announced. Even nine months on from its November 2020 launch, buying a PS5 remains an extremely frustrating experience that typically involves multiple failed attempts and lots of refreshing retailer listings. 

Because of the ongoing global chip shortage, Sony has been unable to fulfill the high level of PS5 demand. News on when the chip shortage will end is rather confusing, some sources predict it could last through 2023, but other analysts are claiming it may be on the verge of winding down already. 

This new PS5 model doesn’t alter the console’s internal components so it will still be constrained by the same shortages that have been affecting production for months. Unless of course, it was the base stand screw that was actually delaying manufacturing, but we very much doubt that. 

A substantially redesigned PS5 is reportedly set to arrive in 2022. This version of the console could sport a new “semi-customized” CPU from AMD. This iteration of the hardware could not only be easier for Sony to manufacture in large quantities but could also give the console a boost in overall performance. It could be so significant that it even earns the Pro moniker. 

For now, the existence of that model should very much be categorized as a rumor but it does stand to reason that Sony would be actively looking at ways to ease the console’s production issues. Although, even with these constraints the PS5 is still the fastest-selling console in history. 

If you can’t wait for the stock situation to improve to play some of the best PS5 games like Returnal and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, make sure to bookmark our PS5 restock hub. This guide is updated daily with the latest stock information and updates. We can’t guarantee it’ll get you a console, but it’ll certainly make the task much easier. 

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  • Nightseer
    It is just revision, not even proper new model like PS4 Pro or Slim that came under new name. And those are normal, as manufactures find various tweaks they could do. Even PS4 Pro had revisions, one of more notable being one in which they reduced fan speed a bit, which lowered noise tad bit, bur console was running bit hotter to, though still well within spec. Still those revisions mostly are silent, unnoticeable and don't najorly change experience. And PS5 will probably get quite few during its lifetime too.

    And I mean, both changes won't largely change experience. Weight, since it isn't portable system, matters way less. And screew is likely something that will stay as you set it up initially. So it is minor quality of life thing.

    A ND yeah, this won't improve supply, since most of stuff are sane and they are made in same lroduction lines. Which can't really work faster.