New iMac 2021 now available in stunning all black — here’s how

iMac 2021
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Apple's new iMac 2021 was unveiled in seven colors at last week’s Spring Loaded event. But without a black color option, some users have been left unhappy with the iMac's new color palette. That is, until now, with dbrand stepping in to fill the gap with its custom black iMac skins. 

Apple has pulled off an impressive technical feat in the newly designed and well-received 24-inch iMac, but some audible frustration has been levvied at the white bezels surrounding the front of the new iMac displays. dbrand's skins go some way to remedy these concerns, offering a jet black makeover for any shiny new iMac.

You may have heard of dbrand as the company that released black PS5 faceplates earlier this year. Now the firm is turning its attention to the new iMacs, rolling out three different skin options to turn your iMac into an all-together duskier looking beast.

The first skin is for the iMac’s bezels, the other is for the front and the final one covers the iMac’s entire body. These are priced at $50 / $60 / $500, respectively.

iMac Skins

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While the option to cover the entire body is by no means chump change, these options are a hassle-free fix to the lack of a Matte Black or Space Gray colorway, as seen on many Apple products. 

The color conundrum has stirred some fairly intense online debate. Fans of these missing colorways aren’t too happy: some think the darker shades will be reserved for a future pro-level iMac model, with others speculating that they’re gone for good.

It's a curious pet peeve that has seemingly appeared out of nowhere — but then it's hard to please everyone all of the time. Either way, dbrand has come up with the goods to remedy the majority of customers' woes. 

And that's not all: if you fancy picking up a pair of the new Apple AirTags, then dbrand has got a bunch of customizable grip cases for these as well. Choose from a variety of different colors, attach the sleeve to your AirTag and be ready to track your items with added pizazz. 

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