New Electrolux Fridge Will Cool Down Your Beer at Max Speed

(Image credit: Electrolux)

There’s nothing I hate more than coming from the supermarket with bottles of warm beer, putting them in the freezer so they get cold fast and having them freeze for real. This refrigerator presented at IFA 2019 in Germany avoids that thanks to a technology called “Frostmatic.”

Here’s how it works: put the beers in the middle drawer and open the My AEG Kitchen phone app — available for iOS and Android — to tell which drinks are you trying to cool down and what’s your desired final temperature. The fridge will activate the quick-freeze function setting and the app will then send you a notification when your beer is ready for consumption.

In addition to offering the Very Best Fridge Feature Ever Created, this machine can keep different zones at different temperatures from -2 to +7 degrees depending on the food you put in. You can also activate “Frostmatic” remotely when you are in the supermarket, so when you get home you can maintain the adequate chain of cold to the groceries you are putting inside.

(Image credit: Electrolux)

The fridge uses stainless steel both for the exterior and the interior, which Electrolux claims will help it maintain a better temperature and return to the original temperature faster after you open and close the doors.

One last cool feature is the Smarter FridgeCam. Every time you open and close the fridge, the camera will take a picture of the interior that you can look at when you are in the supermarket. I don’t know about you, but I have wished for a way to see what is in the fridge when I’m in the supermarket in countless occasions, to make sure I know what to buy. 

This seems like a much better idea than those fridges that try to keep an inventory and fail. In fact, I wish all my kitchen cabinets had cameras that could show me their content the last time I closed the doors. It would have saved me so much money and wasted food.

Jesus Diaz

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