Move over Love is Blind — Netflix’s new reality dating show looks even wilder

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey in Netflix's The Ultimatum
(Image credit: Ilana Panich-Linsman/Netflix)

During the Love is Blind season 2 reunion the first trailer for Netflix’s new reality dating show, The Ultimatum, was premiered. The unsubtle plug was pretty awkwardly inserted into the show but, oh boy, that actually seems strangely fitting. This show looks like total chaos. 

The Ultimatum comes from the same creative team behind Love is Blind and will also be hosted by married presenters Vanessa and Nick Lachey. The new dating show is hitting Netflix next month and reality bingers better mark their calendars because everything about The Ultimatum screams nonstop drama. 

The show’s core premise isn’t quite as straightforward as the likes of Love is Blind, The Bachelor or Love Island, but it certainly sounds like a format scientifically designed to create intense fights and lots (and lots) of tears. And possibly a spot on our best shows on Netflix list.

The Ultimatum rules: How it works

The Ultimatum brings together six couples who are all at a crossroads in their relationship. One partner is fully committed and wants to take the next step, whereas the other is more indecisive and isn’t sure whether the relationship has a long term future. And the fact that they're all willing to go on a reality dating show, in that state of flux, is a firm base for ample shenanigans.

Each partner then chooses someone from one of the fellow couples to live with, and essentially date for the duration of the three-week experiment. And then they must make the obvious choice. Do they want to actually marry their original partner, recouple with their new found romance or walk away single? What could possibility go wrong? 

Check out the trailer here:

The odds of jealousy and infidelity running rampant seemed practically nailed on. After all, if there’s one thing that someone fully committed to their partner probably doesn’t want to see, it's said partner shacking up with another beautiful contestant on a reality dating show. Frankly, if there’s any happy couples left at the end of the show’s 10 episode run we’ll be fairly shocked. 

The show’s debut teaser trailer certainly indicates that things are going to get very messy very quickly. Time will tell, but it certainly seems like Netflix may have struck gold and has another Love is Blind sized hit on its hands. The Ultimatum is scheduled to hit Netflix on April 6. 

The Ultimatum could be the perfect distraction as we wait for the return of one of the biggest reality TV shows around: Love Island. The 2022 season of Love Island UK is just a few months away, and the anticipation is already starting to build. 

In other Netflix news, Netflix is starting to crack down on account sharing by asking for more money in a limited test. Also, March Madness is kicking off and we've got our eyes on the Notre Dame vs Rutgers live stream. Oh, and Disney Plus has a new name for the Marvel Netflix shows that has us wondering what MCU implications may be at hand.

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