This movie just cracked top 10 on Netflix — and it's just what we need right now

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Toilet humor never gets old as Jackass Forever proved earlier this year. The fourth feature entry in the long-running reality stunt series enjoyed critical and commercial success upon its release in February and is currently available to watch on Paramount Plus. However, if you’re already itching for more outrageous antics from Johnny Knoxville and the gang, Netflix has a treat for you. 

Last Friday (May 20), Jackass 4.5 launched on the streaming service and the movie has rocketed up Netflix’s top 10 most-watched list. Right now, the comedy sequel sits in second place behind Rebel Wilson’s Senior Year, which is no small achievement for a group of delinquents performing hilariously gross stunts on camera. 

If you’ve never seen a “.5” movie before, they collect all the unused footage from the mainline Jackass movies and package these unseen bits with behind-the-scenes footage to create an entirely new movie. Both Jackass 2 and Jackass 3D got “.5” sequels, and we’re thrilled to see the trend counting with Jackass Forever. 

Check out this clip from Netflix that previewed the blindfolded obstacle course race, one of the many memorable bits from the movie:

Jackass 4.5 includes a whole range of hilariously disgusting stunts. Highlights include Danger Ehren taking a bowling ball to his testicles, several of the cast receiving a hot sauce enema and balloons filled with sewage being dropped on Steve-O’s head. Yup, Jackass 4.5 really does take being dumb to a whole new level.   

While outrageous stunts and pranks are Jackass’s bread and butter, what really shines through in Jackass 4.5 is the sense of camaraderie among the cast. The interview segments are arguably just as enjoyable as the gross-out hijinks, and the film isn’t afraid to get serious for a minute when the original cast members discuss getting older. Of course, in classic Jackass fashion, things quickly descend into anarchy when Knoxville drops several gallons of horse semen on the unsuspecting interviewees. 

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As mentioned, Jackass Forever is now streaming on Paramount Plus, so it’s a little strange that Jackass 4.5 has ended up on Netflix — which also recently added Jackass The Movie, Jackass 2.5, Jackass 3.5 and the Knoxville-led Bad Grandpa .5. But this is reportedly due to a deal inked before Paramount had launched its own streaming service. Reports suggest that Jackass 4.5 will remain on Netflix until 2024 after which it’ll be moved over to Paramount Plus. So you've got plenty of time to watch, and then maybe rewatch to catch all the bits you missed because you were laughing too hard the first time. 

So far, 2022 has been a very good year for fans of the legendary Jackass series, not only have we got two brand new movies to enjoy, but it’s also been confirmed that a new iteration of the original Jackass TV show is in development for Paramount Plus. No cast members or release date details have been confirmed yet, but it would appear that Jackass really will last forever. 

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