Mercedes' first electric G-Wagen is coming — everything we know so far

mercedes eqg concept
(Image credit: Mercedes)
Mercedes EQG: Specs

Release date: 2024 (estimate)
Price: From $140,000 (estimate)
Power: TBA
Battery range: TBA
0 to 60 mph: TBA
New high-silicon-content battery for increased efficiency, quad-motor all-wheel-drive system

Mercedes has been gradually expanding its range of all-electric cars over the last couple of years, starting with the smallest and cheapest model and eventually getting to the pricier models. In the U.S. you’ll find the EQB, EQE and various other similarly-named cars. You’ll notice that they all have the same kind of name, “EQ” followed by a letter similar to the current S-class, E-class and so on.

This new naming system will also soon expand to include an electric version of the G-Class, the iconic and boxy SUV that began life as the G-Wagen back in 1979. To be called the EQG, the car began life as a concept revealed at the Munich motor show in September 2021, and is expected to arrive in 2024. Here’s everything we know about the Mercedes EQG so far.

Mercedes EQG: Price speculation and availability 

mercedes eqg concept

(Image credit: Mercedes)

Mercedes hasn’t yet said how much the EQG will cost, but prices for the current G-Class starting at about $130,000. Given the disparity between combustion engine and electric cars that means the EQG will likely be one of the company’s most expensive electric cars. Sitting above the current leader, the circa-$105,000 Mercedes EQS.

Mercedes hasn’t said exactly when the electric version of its G-Class will arrive, but we expect to see it badged as a 2024 model year vehicle.

Mercedes EQG: Range and battery 

As always, it’s difficult to predict much about a future vehicle based on a concept car. The Concept EQG shown by Mercedes back in 2021 was a static example of what an electric G-Class might one day look like. And instead of concrete technical information, the Mercedes website currently showcases the EQG with a strange, Star Wars-themed page that is somewhat short on info.

What we do know is that the EQG will be the first Mercedes to use the company’s new high-silicon-content battery technology, which promises to offer increased range from a more compact battery pack.

Mercedes claims the battery’s silicon anode contributes to an increase in energy density of between 20 and 40%. The technology has already been shown off in a prototype car called the Vision EQXX, which has a capacity of 100 kWh and a claimed range of over 700 miles, double that of today’s most efficient EVs.

This could be a huge deal for the EQG, which owing to its relatively small wheelbase was expected to have a smaller battery pack than the 107.8 kWh option available on the EQS. Add in the energy density improvements of the new battery technology, and the electric G-Class might have the longest range of any EV in its class.

Mercedes EQG: Performance 

mercedes eqg off roading

(Image credit: Mercedes)

The AMG version of today’s G-Class is already among the quickest SUVs on sale, with a 0-60 mph time of 4.4 seconds. Replace the V8 engine with four electric motors, one for each wheel, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the EQG is even quicker, and perhaps significantly so.

The car will no doubt be a heavy beast, with the battery expected to weigh around 1,100 lbs all on its own. But it wouldn’t be unreasonable for the hottest version of EQG to have a sub-four-second 0-60 mph time.

Off-roading is likely to be a strong suit for the EQG, as Mercedes plans to fit the car with four motors, giving individual control over the power, torque and braking force delivered to each corner of the car. Mercedes said in 2021: “With four electric motors close to the wheels and individually controllable, the vehicle will offer unique driving characteristics both on- and off-road. 

As with any real 4x4, the Concept EQG's off-road reduction can be activated via a shiftable 2-speed gearbox in order to meet the high ‘G’-specific off-road requirements with confidence.”

Mercedes EQG: Design 

mercedes eqg concept

(Image credit: Mercedes)

We only have the concept EQG to go on for now, but we doubt the production version will stray too far from this. The current G-Class is already something of a design icon in the automotive world, thanks to its boxy, retro styling with a near-vertical windshield, flat sides and blunt rear. 

It’s a utilitarian design that is at odds with the smooth and slippery bodies of most EVs, but one we think Mercedes will retain, even if it means a less efficient shape and a slightly lower range as a result.

Key design details of the 2021 concept include a covered front grille with decorative LED lighting, a full-width light bar on the roof, and accent lighting strips along the sides of the car, although these are unlikely to make the production version due to roadgoing vehicle legislation. The same applies to the light strip that runs around a lockable box on the rear, which mimics the spare wheel cover attached to G-Wagens of old.

Apart from changes to these lighting details, we don’t expect the EQG to deviate too far from the concept. Especially as that show car itself looks very similar to the current generation of G-Class, and Mercedes is unlikely to mess too much with a winning formula.

Mercedes EQG: Interior and features 

mercedes eqg concept

(Image credit: Mercedes)

Similarly, the interior of the concept car looks very close to production reality. The cabin and dashboard are normally where concept designers run wild, with precious little surviving the shift to being made production-ready. We don’t think this is the case with the EQG concept, which features an interior very similar to that of the current G-Class, only with EV dials showing power delivery and range.

Little is known about interior tech for now, but we expect to see a similar infotainment system to that found in other members of the Mercedes EQ family. It will be interesting to see if Mercedes produces an artificial sound to recreate the rumble of the current G-Class’ V8 engine, or if it will offer an entirely different soundscape for its first dedicated electric off-roader.

Mercedes EQG: Outlook 

mercedes eqg on a pedastal

(Image credit: Mercedes)

Design-wise, we expect the production version of the EQG to look a lot like the 2021 concept, both inside and out. Mercedes itself describes the G-Class as a design icon, so the company is unlikely to stray far from how the current G-Class looks.

There will of course be a lot of power on tap, and the EQG’s off-roading abilities will likely be top-drawer thanks to the quad-motor, all-wheel-drive system.

What’s most interesting is the battery pack. We’re intrigued to see just how much range Mercedes can eke out of the EQG’s pack with its new high-silicon-content battery technology. We’re also interested to see whether this will mean a huge range, or if Mercedes will look to shed some weight and instead offer a smaller and lighter battery with the circa-300 miles of range today’s buyers expect.

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