Mercedes EQB SUV release window, price speculation, range, and more

mercedes eqb
(Image credit: Mercedes)

We got our first proper glimpse of what to expect from the Mercedes EQB all-electric crossover-in-feel SUV back in April, during the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show. What we managed to deduce from that appearance was that Mercedes is obviously quite keen to take on Tesla and its Model Y. 

The German automaker announced that the GLB-class crossover SUV would have up to seven seats nestling within the confines of a premium interior. Mercedes has now followed up that initial unveiling with a proper launch, of sorts, at the IAA Mobility event in Munich. 

The production version of the Mercedes-Benz EQB is everything the Shanghai appearance hinted at, but this is a more tangible example of just how seriously Mercedes wants to take on Tesla and its hugely popular Model Y. Here’s what we’ve managed to glean from the information on offer thus far.

Mercedes EQB: Price speculation and release window

mercedes eqb

(Image credit: Mercedes)

Following its official unveil at the show in Munich, Mercedes-Benz has revealed that production is already gearing up, with models destined for the U.K. market set to be built at its plant in Hungary, where the GLB is already manufactured. Cars should be available in the U.K. by the end of the year, although deliveries to the U.S. are not expected to happen until early 2022.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed by Mercedes Benz, although estimates are putting an EQB 300 in the region of around $50,000. Plump for a fully loaded EQB 350 in the U.S. and you could be looking at a price closer to $70,000 when it arrives in North America. 

Buyers on a budget could get the front drive edition for under $40,000 when that model surfaces further down the line, however. Its potential affordability could prove tempting for anyone wanting to get into the realms of premium German car ownership.

Mercedes EQB: Range, battery and performance

Mercedes-Benz EQB charging

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The big but not too bulky Mercedes-Benz EQB will have crossover SUV proportions but it’ll also arrive with a decent set of performance and range statistics. There’ll be a four-wheel-drive EQB 300 4Matic model initially, featuring 225bhp, as well as a punchier EQB 350 car that will deliver 288bhp — resulting in a 0-62mph time of 6.2 seconds. 

That’ll be a whole 1.8 seconds quicker than the entry-level model, although neither EQB model will set the world on fire with its top speed of 99mph. Not too surprising given all of the interior fixtures and fittings it’s got to lug around though. 

Models will come with a 66kWh battery, which should be able to deliver a range of around 260 miles from a full charge. Mercedes-Benz has hinted that a long-range edition is in the pipeline too, but we don’t have any information on possible range..

Next year should see another variant arrive in the shape of the front-wheel-drive EQB 250, which is likely to be a cheaper edition compared to the cars making their debut first. North America, meanwhile, will be treated to EQB 300 and EQB 350 models sometime in the new year.

Mercedes EQB: Design

Mercedes-Benz EQB rear

(Image credit: Mercedes-Benz)

If you’re looking to get a handle on the size of the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz EQB then look in the direction of the GLB it’s based on. 

In terms of the space on offer then the dimensions are similar, with the electric SUV being 184.7-inches long, compared to the 173.6-inches of the GLB. If you’re in need of room to spread out and lots of seats it’ll be a considerable step up from the smaller Mercedes EQA. Before you get inside though there’s the exterior to deal with, which has a similar design theme to that seen on the smaller Mercedes-Benz EQA. 

Indeed, the EQB utilises drivetrain components from that model and the looks are certainly along the same lines, with a blank grille design giving the car a bit of a snub-nosed look. Meanwhile, other areas pull in styling touches from the Mercedes-Benz EQC, such as the light bands. 

Anyone willing to dig deeper into their finances will be able to jazz up the EQB with an AMG styling pack, complete with special 20-inch wheels that should put the standard 18 or 20-inch rims to shame.

Mercedes EQB: Interior

mercedes eqb interior

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The frothy blurb that’s being used to promote the Mercedes-Benz EQB promises safety, space and a high level of comfort. Three things that anyone buying a car like the EQB should reasonably expect. And, from what we’ve seen it certainly appears to live up to the enthusiastic messages found on the MB website, although things will look pretty similar to the interior already found in the MLB.

Cars destined for the U.S. market will feature a five passenger layout, while those wanting a seven seat configuration will be able to squeeze adults up to 5 feet 4-inches in the third back row if they need it. Height limitations come, presumably, due to the location of the car’s battery pack.

There’s also the added advantage of individual folding rear seats. If you’ve got a growing family, or simply need to move lots of things around from A to B on a regular basis, while not skimping on the comfort levels as you do it, then the Mercedes EQB could be the electric SUV you’ve been waiting for.

mercedes eqb interior

(Image credit: Mercedes)

In fact, with three rows of seats plus a capacious load capacity that totals 1710 litres (628.9 cubic feet) the Mercedes-Benz EQB should be able to meet the needs of most folks. However, it’ll also have the benefit of the very latest in Mercedes interior refinements.

Flamboyant pale pink or electric blue trim flourishes will make the EQB pop if you’re seeing it from the inside, particularly when it comes to the eye-catching HVAC outlets and their turbine-style design. Mood lighting adds to the air of flair, while a 10.3-inch digital instrument cluster along with an infotainment display delivers some neat tech options.

The augmented-reality navigation system, for example, looks pretty cool especially as it can help you optimize your charging options on longer runs.

Mercedes EQB: Outlook


(Image credit: Mercedes)

Mercedes-Benz isn’t just eyeing the hugely popular Tesla Model Y with its new all electric EQB model. Volkswagen’s ID.4 and the aforementioned Audi Q4 E-tron are both models that could get bypassed if buyers are tempted by its roominess, premium features and wealth of interior tech. 

The only reason they may resist the temptation are down to those exterior looks, which somehow don't quite match what’s on offer inside.

Another area that might see Mercedes-Benz suffer alongside the competition is on the range front. If the EQB can manage 260 miles on a charge then it’ll be put in the shade by the likes of the Tesla Model Y and its ability to cover 300 miles on a full battery. Similarly, the Audi Q4 E-tron trounces the EQB based on the current stats by being able to cover over 300 miles. 

Perhaps MB will need to get its skates on with that mooted long range edition in order to ensure folks don't bypass this crossover SUV in search of a model that can go farther, for longer. More news on that, as we get it…