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Loki TV show release date, new trailer, cast, Owen Wilson's character and more

Loki TV show on Disney Plus with Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson
(Image credit: Marvel/Disney Plus)

A new trailer for the Loki TV show on Disney Plus is here for all the mischief makers out there! While the series release date was pushed back slightly, Loki will soon be here with more of Tom Hiddleston's singular take on Thor's brother. 

Yes, the god of mischief has seen multiple "deaths," but he's just too good to forget about. And now, he's getting his very own show, which the Loki trailer reveals sends the charming trickster on a time-traveling mission to fix the reality he broke in Avengers: Endgame.

Oh, and we also recently got more casting news, which you can find below.

Of course, expect spoilers for Avengers: Endgame and previous MCU films.

Loki TV show trailer

Disney Plus dropped a brand-new, full-length Loki trailer that gives fans the basic outline of the trippy time trip they're about to embark on. You see, Loki is big trouble with some time cops for stealing the Tesseract and causing a ripple effect on reality. Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) recruits Loki to help them fix it. Can Loki be trusted? LOL, no!

In the amazing teaser clip showed at Disney's Investors Day 2020 event, we learned a lot about the mood of the Loki Disney Plus show. Plus, Loki may have been police-evading criminal D.B. Cooper all along?

Loki TV show release date

The new Loki release date is June 11. That's a slight delay from the original date revealed at the Disney Investors Day event of May 2021.

Loki TV show: Cast


(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Is Tom Hiddleston reading the phone book enough to keep us entertained? Probably. Is he the only announced cast member? Thankfully, that's not the case anymore. 

Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers) plays hardboiled detective Mobius M. Mobius and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (The Morning Show) was also seen in the trailer. 

Richard E. Grant is reported to be joining the cast as well, according to The Wrap. Again, his character is yet to be defined.

Loki TV show: Who is Owen Wilson's character

Wilson's character, Mobius M. Mobius, works at the Time Variance Authority. Agent  Mobius takes a chance on working with Loki to fix the trickster's reality-bending theft of the Tesseract.

We're looking for more details and will update this story accordingly once we get them.

Loki TV show plot

Loki release date

(Image credit: Disney)

Loki, as you'll remember from Avengers: Endgame is up to some new tricks, time-traveling with the help of the Tesseract. The series may be about how the MCU pries this device from his hands. 

A report from MCU Cosmic credits 'production sources' for the claim that Loki will "change historical events" with his toy.

Loki TV show poster

The official key art/poster for the Loki show has a few interesting points, starting with how his horns are off. Other imagery suggests he'll be wearing them again soon, but it's a sign that we're going to get a different side of Loki. Plus, the shock collar suggests he's finally going to stay in one place, the clock behind him hints at time warping. 

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Loki TV show: Season 2

Oh, and there's been a very casual reveal of a second season for Loki. In a Deadline article about exec producer Michael Waldron, the story notes "Besides writing this new Star Wars film, the deal also is expected to bring back Waldron in some capacity for Season 2 of Loki."