LG unveils OLED evo TVs — here’s what makes it better

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Update: LGs OLED TVs could be challenged by Samsung's first QD-OLED TV.  

OLED displays have been the top technology in TVs for several years, offering awesome picture quality with incredible contrast. And LG's OLED TVs will be looking better than ever with OLED evo, a new OLED panel technology announced at CES 2021. The new second generation OLED displays will arrive in 2021, offering the first big update to LG OLED panels since the introduction of HDR in 2015.

Dubbed OLED evo, the new second generation panels boast all of the same high-contrast clarity of current OLED panels, but LG has updated the technology with a new luminous element that boosts the overall brightness and color range.

The average pixel on any TV is made up of red, blue and green colors, which combine to provide all of the visible hues needed to provide a color picture. In a self-emissive display like OLED, these elements not only provide color, but also light. LG claims that OLED evo produces more light per pixel, with better red and blue brightness and an added green element. The boosted brightness of the three colors combine to make the OLED evo brighter than any OLED before, offering punchier images and better HDR performance.

LG OLED evo will only be offered on LG's Gallery G1 OLED TVs in 2021, but the technology will likely proliferate into its other premium OLED model lines in the future. For the moment, however, only the most premium 4K line in LG's stable of OLED TVs will be distinguished by the brighter OLED evo technology, providing better performance at a premium.

The LG Gallery G1 OLED will be available in 55, 65 and 77-inch sizes. Pricing and availability has not been announced, but we anticipate a spring launch in March or April.

LG TV lineup 2021

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Display improvements are coming to non-OLED TVs, as well, with LG's new QNED TVs getting mini-LED backlight and combining it's NanoCell technology with quantum-dot enhancement for better color and brightness.

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