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LG Teases Dual-Screen V60 Phone for September Launch

(Image credit: Future)

While all of the flagship phone talk of late has centered on Apple and Samsung, it's LG that might ultimately try to spoil the party.

The Korean tech giant this week published a teaser video saying that it would be at IFA 2019. In the video, the company said that it would have a big announcement to make at a press event on Friday, Sept. 6. But it was the way LG teased the event that might have some folks excited.

The video depicts a video game graphic on a screen with a character moving across. It then unveils a second screen the character moves across. It then closes the video with what appears to be a screen covered by case of some sort with a hole for peeking through and seeing the time and notifications.

This video could be a teaser for the LG V60 ThinQ, a flagship phone that would  compete against Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 and Apple's iPhone 11.

We don't know much about the device, but if the handset in the leaked video is the V60 ThinQ, we might not have some clues.

For one, the video clearly shows a dual-screen design. LG has flirted with the concept before, and earlier this year, unveiled the V50 ThinQ with a second-screen attachment. It's possible, given the video, that LG is planning to do the same with the LG V60 ThinQ.

Aside from that, the video appears to show a device with no notch at the top or thick bezels all around. Instead, it appears LG has erred on the side of a punch hole camera on the front.

It appears LG is readying a new flagship, two screens and all. And we'll know for sure what the company has planned when LG unveils its new device at IFA.

Until then, now that we know something is coming, look for more rumors to surface.