LG C2 OLED prices just leaked — and we hope you're sitting down

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The LG C2 lineup of OLED TV sets caught our eye at CES 2022 earlier this year, thanks to a new 42-inch model — the smallest-ever OLED TV — and a few other promised improvements. 

We had hoped the arrival of a smaller model might bring with it a small price tag. But based on just-announced prices for the LG C2 series in Europe, it sounds like that was wishful thinking.

In fact, prices for the LG C2 seem to be climbing a lot across the board compared to what LG charged for the LG C1 OLED models that debuted in 2021. Different regions get different prices, of course, so U.S. prices for the LG C2 TVs could be entirely different, but LG's announced European prices suggest the new TVs won't come cheap.

Specifically, the 48-inch LG C2 will start at €1,800, according to prices posted by German news site Area DVD. That converts to around $1,990 in U.S. dollars, which would be a substantial 33% markup from the 48-inch LG C1's debut price of $1,500.

Again, companies rarely rely on straight currency conversions when setting prices, choosing instead to set specific prices for specific regions. When all is said and done, different C2 models in the U.S. could have prices that are lower than what LG charges in Europe (where sales taxes are often built into the price), though it's looking likely that prices are ticking up from last year's models.

There's no equivalent to the 42-inch LG C2, because this year's model is the first time LG has built a C Series set at that size. When we saw a preview of the set at CES 2022, we were hoping for a price around $1,000, but the European price of €1,650  would seemingly squelch that hope.

Here's a full look at the LG C2 prices in Europe, what those prices convert to in U.S. dollars and how that compares to LG C1 prices from last year.

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LG G2 sizeEuropean price (U.S. conversion)LG C1 price
42 inches€1,650 (about $1,825)N/A
48 inches€1,800 (about $1,990)$1,499
55 inches€2,300 (about $2,545)$1,799
65 inches€3,200 (about $3,540)$2,499
77 inches€5,400 (about $5,970)$3,799
83 inches€7,500 (about $8,295)$5,999

The new LG C2 sets are set to roll out in March through May.

Besides the introduction of a 42-inch model, the C2 lineup stands out for a new processor on its higher-end models and an enhanced game mode. That change is particularly significant given the LG C1's prowess as one of the best gaming TVs available.

LG has other TV models coming this year, and those prices have been set in Europe as well. The premium LG G2 lineup starts at €2,499 for a 55-inch model, with prices rising to €8,999 for the 83-inch version. The budget B2 and A2 lineups have starting prices of €1,899 and €1,549 respectively.

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  • SleeperNinja
    I hope part of the plan wasn't selling any of these. I have a 65" C8, and I'm not feeling any FOMO.
  • lrg
    What an absolutely stupid article! Obviously just trying to create an uproar and get clicks by poorly reporting the situation. I hope the Tom's Guide people sit down when they hear this LOL.

    So, LG Germany announced prices for the 2022 lineup. All prices are very close to their 2021 counterparts. Some are a bit more, some are a bit less, some are the same. The Euro prices are always way higher than USD.

    I'm personally interested in a 77" G series. G1 price was 5300 Euros. G2 price is 5299 Euros. Oh, no, the sky is falling!!
  • baconcow
    Yeah. I just looked up the Euro prices announced for the LG C1 line and they were higher than the US prices. The price difference seems to vary a lot by size. I was hoping the 42" and 48" models would be cheaper as they seem to have lesser panels than the ones going in the 55"+.

    C1 48": €1650 (2021) vs. €1,800 (2022) (+€150)
    C1 55": €2000 (2021) vs. €2,300 (2022) (+€300)
    C1 65": €2800 (2021) vs. €3,200 (2022) (+€400)
    C1 77": €5300 (2021) vs. €5,400 (2022) (+€100)
    C1 83": €8000 (2021) vs. €7,500 (2022) (-€500)

    Also, I'm a Novice and Ancient on my first post. lol