Lenovo Legion Go could have a secret weapon — AR glasses

an image fo the AR glasses tipped for the Lenovo Legion Go
(Image credit: WindowsReport)

The Lenovo Legion Go already has a lot going for it, what with blending a Steam Deck-like design with Nintendo Switch-style detachable controllers, but its ace in the hole could be a pair of augmented reality glasses; yes, really. 

According to WindowsReport’s sources, the AR glasses will be part of a Legion Go ecosystem, adding peripherals to the rumored handheld PC. 

There are no specs for the glasses, but according to the images WindowsReport has seen they should connect to the Go via a USB-C cable and be light enough to wear for extended gaming sessions. What the glasses will bring to the table isn't hugely clear, but they could act as a way of displaying a large screen without actually plugging the Legion Go into a TV or large monitor. 

And the glasses are tipped to have a high refresh rate though no numbers were mentioned. That's important for AR and VR headsets as a high refresh rate, say 90Hz plus, is the key to helping eliminate motion sickness. 

These AR glasses alongside the Legion Go itself will reportedly be shown off at IFA 2023 in Berlin, where we hope to be able to check it out ourselves. With an AMD Ryzen Z1 processor tipped, the Legion Go should also have the performance to take on the likes of the Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally and AyaNeo 2S

Our only concern, aside from software implementation and execution, which has blighted some handheld PCs so far, is the potential price of the Legion Go. If it’s bundled with AR glasses it could end up being rather pricey, say $800, which could prevent it from reaching mass appeal. 

One nasty sting is that Lenovo could restrict the Legion Go to just China and other nations where Lenovo operates in volume. That would be a shame as more handheld PCs will encourage more development and innovation in the area. If these rumors do come to fruition and the Legion Go is shown off at IFA, then we’d be somewhat confident in the Go coming to the U.S., U.K. and beyond. 

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