Lady Gaga just confirmed for Joker 2 cast — we're not joking

(L to R) Lady Gaga on the runway, Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck/The Joker in Joker
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It looks like the Joker 2 reports were true. Today, we found out that the DC Universe is going Gaga.

The official Joker movie twitter account broke the news with a short clip featuring silhouettes of Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck dancing, with the following text appearing in the clip: "PHOENIX, GAGA, JOKER, FOLIE á DEUX, 10.4.24" The clip also shows Gaga's character, whom we can practically assume (it's not official, yet) is Harley Quinn, due to the early reports and the heart-shaped logo on her face. 

Gaga herself shared the same clip.

The Joker film account's tweet also has a little in-joke for Gaga's fans, saying "Cheek to Cheek," to reference Gaga's album with Tony Bennett of the same name.

The fact that Joker and Harley's silhouettes are dancing to music may be the other huge Easter egg in the clip. When news of Gaga in talks to join the cast first broke earlier this summer, The Hollywood Reporter slipped this little tidbit in: "Sources say the sequel is also a musical."

So, yes, in 2 years and 2 months, we'll (at least I will) hopefully be watching the oddest addition to DC's movies in ages. Not a part of the DCEU, and not destined for HBO Max (RIP, Batgirl), Joker 2 is possibly the most interesting upcoming DC movie.

Analysis: How is Joker 2 going to be a musical?

So, beyond this casting news, and the recently-tipped Oct. 4, 2024 release date, the biggest tidbit about Joker 2 slyly slipped from The Wrap yesterday (Wednesday, August 3). 

Supposedly "a lot" of Joker 2 will be set in Arkham Asylum, the psychiatric hospital in Gotham that is home to most of Batman's villains (until they escape, as they always do). This, if you ask me, is how a musical Joker movie makes sense. Where else other than Arkham's confines would villains breaking out into song make any sense?

Of course, this is a perfect location for the film, as Joker and Harley met in Arkham, back when Harley was not a villain. There, she began as a psychiatrist named Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Once she got pulled into Joker's web of madness, however, she ditched her doctor's gear for the harlequin look, and various other aesthetics later on down the line. 

Unfamiliar with the character? Watch Harley Quinn or Batman: The Animated Series, or the Birds of Prey movie where Margot Robbie got to really have fun with the character after appearing in other DCEU movies. All three are on HBO Max. At least, we should say, while HBO Max is still the service it is. Yes, as the reports say, HBO Max may die, as Discovery Plus might take over and turn it into an HBO channel.

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