The iPhone 14 Pro could look like this — and it's a lot

iphone 14 dual cutouts rumored render
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The iPhone 14 Pro could be getting a makeover, but we're not sure we're going to like the results if this is what it's going to look like.

Rumors have suggested that the new iPhone 14 Pro models will drop the dreaded notch that Apple has used for Face ID since the iPhone X. In its place, Apple will supposedly use a pill-shaped cutout for the front-facing camera and Face ID hardware that won't work from under the display.

But a new rumor from display analyst Ross Young (via Twitter) claims that the iPhone 14 Pro won't just have a pill-shaped cutout, but a circular hole-punch one, too. We've mocked up what it could look like in the above image based on what's been described. And we have to say this iPhone 14 Pro render (if true) looks quite odd. 

We've also just learned that the regular iPhone 14 could be getting two Pro-level features based on a new analyst report. 

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But going back to the iPhone 14 Pro, that's a lot of cutouts in the display and kind of reminds us of an exclamation point (on its side). It begs the question, why doesn't Apple just stick with the smaller notch it introduced on the iPhone 13? Or work to shrink it even more? 

Young claims the pill is for the front-facing and IR cameras, while the hole-punch will house the Face ID dot projector. Supposedly, the pill will be left-center while the hole-punch will hang out right of center. With this new design, you have to wonder if Apple has not found success in migrating Face ID under the display.

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All told, two cutouts aren't the end of the world. The combination ought to a bit more sightly than the notch we have now (both the original and the slimmer one). Cutouts would help the phone look more premium and up-to-date as far as the all-screen design goes. It's no secret that Android phones have leaped far ahead in this area, though they lack Face ID. Here are four potential iPhone 14 designs that Apple could use to ditch the notch.

The iPhone 14 Pro is also tipped to get a 48MP main camera, too, potentially making for a powerful camera phone (as if the iPhone 13 Pro isn't already good enough). But let's not forget that rumors say that you might not have go Pro to get a big screen iPhone. Apple is supposedly planning to release 6.1-inch iPhone 14 and 6.7-inch  iPhone 14 Max as well as the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch Pro models.

We expect to hear all about the iPhone 14 in September, so we have a long way to go yet. But be ready for all kinds of rumors and leaks in the meantime and bookmark our iPhone 14 hub for all the latest info.

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