iOS 17.1.2 tipped for imminent release — what you need to know

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There is a good chance that Apple will release the iPhone iOS 17.1.2 update this week. With iOS 17.2 supposedly coming out later this year there is only a short time to introduce some needed updates.

As iOS 17.1.2 is a minor update it will most likely focus primarily on bug fixes. Hopefully, this will include fixing the wifi issues that many people have been encountering. This issue was addressed in the 17.2 beta and Apple has claimed that it will be fixed in the final release, but it is hoped that it may fix it beforehand.

The WiFi issue has caused some users to find that their phones either drop their internet connection or can't connect at all. While it is likely that Apple will wait until the big update to solve the issue, they may involve a patch to help mitigate this issue until then.

Outside of the wifi issues, there have been some other complaints that the update may solve. There have been some minor bugs reported relating to push notifications, the HomeKit, and more. Outside of that, there should be some minor security updates.

One feature that could see some attention is the NameDrop, which has caused some mild panic in the last few days. While the majority of concerns are overstated and down to misinformation there's one potential fix. Apple should change the software so that the NameDrop feature will no longer be automatically activated.

iOS 17.1.2 isn’t likely to offer anything groundbreaking but it should fix some of the known issues. Its main job is to lay some of the groundwork for the larger release coming later this year. The update has been in testing for nearly a month and it seems to be being received positively. There is a lot of excitement for the upcoming new Journal app and collaboration on playlists. There are a few other features to be excited about that we have a full article on.

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