Hulu just got a price hike along with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus — here’s what we know

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Hulu and Disney Plus just got some unwelcome news.

According to CNBC, the price of Hulu without ads will increase by $2 per month starting October 10. That brings it up to a whopping $14.99 a month — as much as an HBO Max subscription. While Hulu is on our list of the best streaming services, it is going to be tough for people to justify keeping it if they are forced to choose between it and HBO Max.

Luckily, Hulu subscribers do have some options if they don't want to break the bank. The ad-supported tier of Hulu is also getting a price hike, but only by $1, making it a — relatively — affordable $7.99 a month. You may even be able to make your first couple of months cheaper with one of our Hulu promo codes.

What about the Disney Bundle?

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You can still sign up for the Disney Bundle and get Hulu with ads, ESPN Plus with ads and Disney Plus ad-free right now for just $13.99 a month. But hurry, as this bundle will go away once these new prices roll out — or even sooner. Once the price changes take effect on October 10, you will only be able to get the ad-supported tiers of each streaming service. 

The one bright spot is that the new bundle will cost just $12.99 per month. So if you don't mind ads, wait for that bundle and save a dollar or two. Meanwhile, existing Disney Bundle subscribers will keep their ad-free Disney Plus and see their subscription cost go up to $14.99 a month. There is another way to avoid the Disney Plus price increase, though.

Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus price hikes at a glance

Regular old Hulu with ads got the smallest price hike of the group, making Disney Plus and ESPN Plus $3 price hikes look even worse.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Old monthly priceNew monthly price
Hulu with ads$6.99 $7.99 (Oct. 10)
Hulu without ads$12.99$14.99 (Oct. 10)
Disney Plus$7.99$10.99 (Dec. 8)
Disney Plus with adsn/a$7.99 (Dec. 8)
ESPN Plus$6.99$9.99 (Aug. 2022)

Every Disney streaming service is going up in price

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Disney Plus, which last had a price hike in March 2021 (going from $6.99 to $7.99) will be getting an even larger increase than Hulu. Disney Plus is increasing by $3 more per month to $10.99. 

But the even bigger news (maybe) is that Disney Plus will now get an ad-supported tier. Ad-supported Disney Plus will be sold for just $7.99 per month, the current price for ad-free Disney Plus. These changes go into effect on December 8.

This news of price increases all comes on the back of the ESPN Plus price hike, which is $3 more per month now and went into effect this month. Disney lost $1.1 billion on all three streaming services combined last fiscal quarter, so it is clearly trying to fast-track its path to profitability. Make sure to take advantage of the legacy prices and the likes of our ESPN Plus promo codes) now — before it's too late.

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