Hulu is stealing Netflix's best feature — here’s what’s coming

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Hulu is one of the best streaming services, but its user interface leaves something to be desired. Now, finding the best shows on Hulu will get a lot easier.

Hulu just added a feature called Top 15 Today, and if that sounds familiar to you … well, that’s because it’s essentially the same thing as Netflix’s Top 10. Just in this case, there are five additional choices. According to Vulture Top 15 Today will update daily sometime between 2 and 3 p.m. ET. It also is reportedly more of a curated list than a views tracker — these are Hulu’s top 15, not necessarily the top 15 most-watched shows and movies.

To be fair, it would be tough for Hulu to reinvent the wheel here, and it’s not like Netflix invented the concept of a top 10 list. But Hulu did add one new wrinkle. In Top 15 Today, the shows listed are just episodes, not the entire season or series. So don't be surprised if you see General Hospital season 59 episode 138 like I did while scrolling through today. 

Hulu’s Top 15 Today is a top-tier upgrade — mostly 

Hulu Top 15 Today

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Regardless of how original Top 15 Today may or may not be, this is a welcome change for anyone who uses Hulu to watch TV shows and movies. Hulu’s user interface can often feel cluttered, especially if you have access to live TV channels through Hulu + Live TV or ESPN Plus. I often find myself struggling to find what I want, and this at least gets me closer to my platonic ideal of a streaming service home screen.

And yes, when I say TV shows and movies, I mean it. Unlike Netflix’s Top 10 lists, which separate TV shows and movies into two separate lists, Hulu’s combines everything into one single list. Personally, I like the choice, as it means I can scroll less to find a new show or movie to watch.

My lone complaint? Move the Top 15 Today further up the home screen. At the lowest, it should appear right after my Continue Watching row, not buried beneath sponsored curations. Case in point? This feature has been live for nearly a day now and I struggled to find it despite watching Welcome to Wrexham season 2, Futurama and Archer within the past 24 hours on Hulu. If Hulu is putting in the effort to curate a list, it shouldn’t make it so difficult to find. 

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