Google's new Android TV Chromecast could be super cheap — watch out, Roku

Google Chromecast 4 Sabrina
(Image credit: XDA Developers)

The Google Chromecast 4 Sabrina is gearing up for a price war against the Roku Streaming Stick Plus and Amazon Fire Stick. The new Android TV dongle could cost just $50 — and it could be in stores as early as September 30.

The Google Sabrina's price is lower than expected, even below the previous model, the third-gen Chromecast Ultra. And it matches the retail price of the Roku Streaming Stick Plus and the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Industry insiders believed the new Chromecast device would cost around $80.

The Sabrina is a major overhaul of the Chromecast streaming device and is Google’s first in-house Android TV device since the Nexus Player. The dongle has a stylish new, oval-shaped design and a remote, which will make the device more user-friendly. The Sabrina's launch was recently confirmed by FCC filings. found the Sabrina's price on a since-deleted listing on Home Depot's website and Droid-Life also found a listing at Walmart for $60. Android Police reporter spotted it for $60 at Target, as well as a September 30 release date.

The leaks have also revealed the names of the dongle's three different colors: Summer Melon, Rock Candy and Como Blue. The first seems to be the pink hue that's been seen in leaked marketing images, while the latter two could be similar to the Google Nest Mini's Chalk and Sky colors.

Along with a hardware redesign, the new Chromecast device will support 4K and is also expected to come with a new version of Android TV called Google TV. The new UI includes YouTube TV and Nest integration, as well as Google Assistant features. Previous leaks have indicated the new interface will resemble the Fire TV home screen. 

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