Galaxy Fold 2 too expensive? Galaxy Fold Special Edition will be $900 cheaper

Samsung Galaxy Fold
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Samsung's Galaxy Fold will be getting a Special Edition as a last hurrah before we see the Galaxy Fold 2. It won't have any new features, but it will be getting a major price drop.

This is the latest in a line of Samsung-related leaks from Ross Young, a display analyst who has won the respect of other major smartphone leakers. You can read his tweet below, which reveals the headline-grabbing drop in price from $1,980 to $1,099.

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While it seems a bit sly of Samsung to sell old stock with a new name in order to empty its warehouses, the $900 drop in price actually makes it a bit more palatable. Plus, getting a hold of this limited product (only 55,000 units will be sold globally) could be enticing for phone enthusiasts. Then again, for $300 more you can get a much more competent foldable in the form of the $1,400 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, or the Galaxy S20 Ultra if you want the best of what Samsung currently has to offer.

It's a pity that, again according to Young, the only difference between the original Galaxy Fold and the Special Edition is the price. While we liked the large internal display and the multitasking opportunities that the the original Fold provided, we took issue with the camera performance and the size of the closed device. 

$2,000 is certainly far too much for most people to pay for a phone to begin with, let alone one with notable flaws like the first Galaxy Fold. But again, that price drop makes those issues a little easier to swallow.

However, we've also heard rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite, which is expected to launch alongside the Galaxy Fold 2. This will cost the same as this alleged Galaxy Fold Special Edition, but will use newer components, such as a Snapdragon 865 chipset and a new external display design that's more similar to the Z Flip than the original Fold. If you've got $1,099 to spend on a new foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold Lite may be the one to wait for.

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