Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite specs and price just leaked — here’s what you’ll get

Galaxy Fold
The Samsung Galaxy Fold. (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The Galaxy Fold Lite's specs (or possibly the Galaxy Fold e's specs) have been fleshed out by new rumors. Not only will this cheaper Samsung foldable cost nearly half the price of a normal Galaxy Fold, it will likely have a powerful flagship chipset, too, but will miss out on 5G and some other features.

Max Weinbach, a frequent Twitter leaker with a good track record for Samsung and other companies' phones, broke the news in a series of posts. He does end the thread with the caveat "I would also like to say, this is more rumor than leak", but he still believes what he wrote is accurate at least for the phone in its current state.

Weinbach says the Galaxy Fold Lite will use a mixture of old and new parts, some dating back to 2018. On the outside, the Fold Lite will be a mix of aluminium and glass, with color options of either Mirror Black or Mirror Purple, the same options as the Galaxy Z Flip. The interior will likely have a plastic OLED display since Weinbach says Samsung won't be using the UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) composite like it did on the Z Flip.

There will be an outer display on the front of the Fold Lite, but it will be more like the tiny notification window on the Z Flip rather than the small but still usable standard display on the Galaxy Fold.

The Galaxy Fold Lite will only come with 4G connectivity, which is disappointing given its still high pricing. However, you won't miss out on other key performance areas since the phone will likely use the same Snapdragon 865 chip found in the Galaxy S20 series and many other top Android phones of 2020. 

Weinbach noted he isn't completely sure on this but said that there looks to be evidence of Samsung preparing compatible software in the kernel for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. You'll also get 256GB of storage, which is half of the 512GB on the original Galaxy Fold, but should still be plenty of room for most users' files, photos and apps.

As for price and availability, Weinbach gives us the same $1,099 (£895 converted) that we saw in an earlier leak. He also claims that the Fold Lite will be available internationally, which likely means good things for potential U.S. and UK customers. In addition, he says that the codename of this phone is Winner2, a codename we've seen floating around for some months.

We're expecting to see the Galaxy Fold 2, the true full-priced successor to the Galaxy Fold, in August alongside the Galaxy Note 20. It's likely we'd see some mention of the Galaxy Fold Lite there, too.

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