Future Tech Awards winners revealed — see the best in everything from phones to home entertainment

Future Tech Awards 2020
(Image credit: Future)

The Future Tech Awards have arrived. Since its inception at CES 2020, Tom's Guide publisher Future takes the opportunity to celebrate the best of the tech industry. 

That includes the incredible products that have dazzled us or made a difference in our lives as well the people helping make those devices a reality. From the best phones to the best smart home devices, this year’s Future Tech Awards votes have been counted. And now’s your chance to take a look at the winners.

The awards fall into a number of different categories. To celebrate the tech we found most compelling, we have the Future Choice Awards. This category includes everything from TVs like LG’s astounding CX OLED and laptops to smart home devices and audio equipment like the Sonos One. You can see the products that made the grade in the Future Choice awards here.

Then we have the Future Power 50 awards, which highlight tech industry professionals from executives and product managers to young professionals and content creators. Among this year’s winners, you’ll find people at the very top of some companies, standout product designers, and even community managers helping keep fans and customers engaged. See who led the field in the Future 50 here.

Finally, there are the Reader’s Choice awards. At Tom's Guide, we spend a lot of time testing and reviewing products to settle on our favorites. But we also like to see what our audience liked the most. 

To that end, the Reader’s Choice awards were open for public voting. This award highlights a broad range of product categories with winners from the past year as well as a small selection of Product of the Decade winners. So, be sure to check out the Reader’s Choice winners here to see if the products you voted for made the grade and see what other readers liked.

For everything Future Tech Awards, head over to the Future Tech Awards 2020 page here

Roland Moore-Colyer

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