Future iPad Pros could finally replace your laptop thanks to an advanced OS

iPad Pro 2022
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A modified version of iPadOS 17 will come to the rumored 14.1-inch OLED iPad Pro that'll apparently arrive next year, claims leaker analyst941 on Twitter. 

This specialized operating system could empower the super-sized iPad to support two 6K displays at 60Hz, via daisy-chained inputs or possibly multiple ports on the iPad. Currently, iPads are only capable of outputting to one other display, so offering one more could help in convincing power users they no longer need to rely on a laptop or desktop for big creative projects or similar workloads.

Another big upgrade which 941 claims is that this iPad will use an M3 Pro chip, which would be needed to drive the multiple external displays. While the current and previous generations of iPad Pros use Apple M-series chips, these have only been standard Apple M1 and Apple M2 chips, not the Pro/Max/Ultra versions seen in more expensive Mac models, so there would be a big computing power boost alongside the extra display support if an iPad were to use a Pro-grade chip.

941 also suggests that this future big iPad could get a new name like iPad Ultra or iPad Studio in order to differentiate it from the more typical Pro models. This isn't part of the leak per se, but it's interesting to consider how Apple would try to market this alleged super-powered iPad. With the Apple Watch Ultra and Apple M1 Ultra chip already part of its product portfolio, an iPhone Ultra apparently coming in the next couple of years and rival Samsung offering a similarly over-specced Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra model, the Ultra moniker seems like it would be Apple's best choice.

Make sure to take this rumor with a larger pinch of salt than usual. Other rumor-mongers are claiming Apple's canceled its larger iPad project, even if OLED is still on the way.

 No ProMotion for iPad mini 7 

The iPad mini 2021

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In other future iPad news, mobile displays expert Ross Young (via Revegnus) says that we shouldn't expect the next iPad mini to come with Apple's 120Hz ProMotion display tech. Apparently, that particular upgrade won't be coming to the mini model for a while, he adds.

It's not surprising that Apple would keep a feature with Pro in the name for only its Pro-branded iPads, but it's a shame that the successor to one of our best tablets will stick to a lower refresh rate. Most new premium smartphones offer at least 90Hz refresh rates, and more and more laptops are offering smoother displays too, so it's annoying that tablets haven't quite got the message yet.

Apple's next big event will be WWDC 2023 in June, where we expect to hear about iPadOS 17, iOS 17, macOS 14 and other yearly Apple software upgrades. We doubt we'll here anything about new iPads given the timings attached to these rumors, but what we'll hopefully see are a new 15-inch MacBook Air and the all-new Apple AR/VR headset

The 14.1-inch iPad Pro could also get an Apple M3 chip, according to the latest rumors.

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