Forget Galaxy Z Fold 3 — this Google Pixel Fold concept looks incredible

Pixel Fold Concept
(Image credit: Waqar Khan | Remix via Nick Bush)

Concepts and ideas continue to flood the internet regarding the rumored Google Pixel Fold, and this latest video shows us what it could look like. If the final final product is close to this render, it would be a dream come true. 

YouTuber Waqar Khan shows off a conceptual Pixel Fold from all angles in a new video. Based on the design of the Pixel 5, the Pixel Fold looks familiar with the same camera array on the back and a similar-looking texture. The display folds inward, much like the Galaxy Z Fold 2, with an external display in the regular phone mode.

Google hasn't said anything about its plans for a foldable smartphone, but we keep hearing whispers about it. Khan's concept also shows a hole punch front camera cutout, much like you'd find on the Pixel 5.

It looks a bit chunky in these renders, but considering that the Pixel Fold would be Google's first foray into foldables, that's not too surprising. It may not be as elegant or svelte as the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3, but Google is not usually at the forefront of pushing the latest and greatest when it comes to hardware.

As for colors, the video shows black, the Sorta Sage option from the Pixel 5, and a white colorway. We like our Sorta Sage Pixel 5, but Google doesn't usually repeat color options on its phones.

It goes without saying, this whole video is wishful thinking to varying degrees, but we hope to hear more in the coming months about Google's hardware plans. We expect to hear more about the Pixel 5a sooner rather than later, but we would guess that Google will discuss this possible foldable when it announces the Pixel 6. Until then, we'll have to get by on rumors and leaks.

Jordan Palmer
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