Chrome's most frustrating issue just got fixed — thanks to Microsoft

Google Chrome
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One neat feature in Google Chrome is being able to drag and drop a file you want to upload from a Windows 10 machine into the browser rather than use the File Explorer. But it has a major quirk, as doing so can knock you off of your current tab if you drop your file in the wrong area.  

That could result in whatever was on the previous tab getting lost, potentially leading to a loss of data. The feature also lets you upload a file without opening it, but if you click on the wrong area of Chrome the file could then open and take you away from whatever you were browsing beforehand. Fortunately, a fix is on its way. 

That fix comes courtesy of a Microsoft developer, who noted that it’s coming to not only Google Chrome but also the Chromium-based Edge browser. This fix will open a new tab in Chrome and Edge when you drag and drop a file into the tab area of the browsers, meaning you don’t run the risk of losing the tab you were previously on. 

You might think that hitting the back button in Chrome or Edge would take you back to the tab you were on. While that works, if you’ve added in any data into the webpage — say you’ve filled in an online form — that information could all be lost. And we know only too well the frustration that can cause.

Thanks to its experimental Canary browser, Google looks set to build out Chrome with more features to make using it a little easier and faster. And this little fix now removes some frustration out of using the world’s most popular web browser. 

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