Big PS5 event expected June 4 — exclusive games and more console details

PS5 concept design
(Image credit: Future)

Synchronise your watches, PlayStation fans. Sony is expected to carry out a proper PS5 reveal event on June 4, likely showcasing the console’s design and exclusive games. 

At least that’s according to games journalist Jeffery Grubb, who was asked on Restera when he was expecting the PS5 reveal event to happen. “Currently planned for June 4,” was Grubb’s response. 

Grubb didn’t reveal how he’s aware of Sony’s supposed PS5 reveal event, nor did he mention any sources. But GamesRadar notes that Grubb has correctly leaked the date of the recent Nintendo Direct, so it’s likely that he’s going off some solid information rather than a rough guess. 

An event on June 4 would track with when the Offical PlayStation Magazine plans to release its news issue filled with PS5 details, including exclusive games, on June 2. The magazine might reveal such details two days earlier thanks to it having closer access to Sony’s PlayStation arm. 

If Grubb’s information is accurate, then Sony’s big PS5 reveal is likely to come after Microsoft’s showcase of the Xbox Series X slated for May. That could work in Sony’s advantage as it could learn from any slip-ups Microsoft might make with its presentation — something that happened with the reveal of the Xbox One.

As it stands, Sony and Microsoft seem to be taking different approaches with their next-gen consoles. The Xbox Series X is going for raw performance power, while the PS5 seems to be championing the high-performance of its SDD to give it a competitive advantage. 

We’ve already seen the PS5’s unique DualSense controller, but Sony hasn’t revealed anything about its next-gen console design; all we’ve had to tide us over so far are very slick concept designs. So the start of June may finally give us a glimpse at what the PS5 will actually look like. 

And we are also expecting to see a slew of PS5 exclusives, as well as how the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last of Us 2 might have enhanced features over their PS4 counterparts. 

With E3 2020 and its surrounding events cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the traditional rollout of new games and hardware has been somewhat torpedoed. But thanks to the rise of streaming, we can still view major launches from the comfort of our homes. Whether Sony will simply release a video of the PS5 and its launch tiles or do a full-blown showcase has yet to be seen, though we suspect it’ll end up doing the latter.  

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