PS5 design stuns with sleek look we've been waiting for

Future PS5 concept design
(Image credit: Future)

Hype for the PS5 is building, but Sony has yet to reveal the design for the console, so it’s no surprise we have yet another gorgeous concept render of what the console could look like. 

This latest render comes courtesy of Future Publishing’s (aka our publisher) senior motion & 3D designer Dan Pearce, who came up with the sleek-looking designs based on the mix of leaks and rumours he’s heard thus far. As T3 pointed out, the design is influenced heavily by that of the PS5’s DualSense controller, which Sony has show off. 

Pearce’s concept envisions the PS5 has a relatively flat rectangular console with curved edges and a pseudo two-tone colour option, with white dominating the top of the console’s chassis with dark grey and black on the machine’s lower section. Edges and lines are then highlighted by bright blue LEDs, much like those seen in the DualSense controller. 

While the aforementioned controller might be divisive, Pearce’s design is undeniably lovely, seemingly minimalist but with some nice detail to pour over.  

For example, the Sony branding on the right-hand side of the console sits above two ridge-like edges on the console that harks back a little to the PS2’s design, while the LED strips are more akin to the one on the PS4, and the curved edges aren’t a million miles away from those of the PS3. So this concept design has cues from previous generations of PlayStation console but still looks very much like its own machine. 

Future PS5 design

(Image credit: Future)

Pearce’s design shows that we can expect a Blu-ray player to be present and correct in the PS5, almost certainly one that’s capable of playing 4K UHD discs. Given Sony is rumoured to be sticking with producing retail copies of its next-generation console games, albeit with eco-friendly packaging, a disc drive is expected even though there’s an increasing move towards games being digital downloads only. 

The design of Pearce’s PS5 certainly stands out from the vertical boxy rectangle of Microsoft's Xbox Series X, but it’s also a good way from the PS5 developer kit, which has an overall rectangular footprint but a big V-shaped cutout in the console middle, likely for helping get air flow over the console’s powerful components. How much that dev kit will translate into final console design has yet to be seen. 

We’d like to see some of Pearce’s concept design cue to make it into the PS5’s final design, but we’ll just have to wait and see what Sony has created for its next PlayStation when it decides to reveal more details. 

Roland Moore-Colyer

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