5 best new movies on Hulu in November 2023

Bruce Willis (as John McClane) crawls in a vent in Die Hard, which is arguably a Christmas movie
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The start of a month in the streaming world means new movies and TV shows on each major service. Hulu, one of the best streaming services on the market, will welcome a mix of original programming, modern classics, and legacy programs to its massive library.

Hulu will add more than 140 titles in November 2023. We narrowed the list down to five options. From a holiday treat to action staples, check out our five picks for new movies and TV shows on Hulu in November. 

The Last Duel

Matt Damon and Adam Driver in The Last Duel

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Do not take Ridley Scott for granted. At 85, the visionary director behind Alien and Blade Runner continues to work at an astounding rate, with Napoleon arriving in theaters later this month and Gladiator 2 set for 2024. At his age, Scott only has a finite amount of films left, meaning any chance to see his work is time worth spending. One of Scott’s most recent films is The Last Duel, starring Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Jodie Comer, and Ben Affleck.

Written by Damon, Affleck, and Nicole Holofcener, The Last Duel depicts the final trial by combat in 14th-century France. Jean de Carrouges (Damon), a skilled knight and soldier, accuses his friend, Jacques le Gris (Driver), of raping his wife, Marguerite (Comer). The film shows the events through the perspectives of Jean, Jacques, and Marguerite, culminating with the brutal, vicious duel to the death. 

Do not let the low box office returns influence your decision. The Last Duel is an intelligent and well-executed medieval epic with three noteworthy performances from the leads. 

Streaming November 1 on Hulu.

Quiz Lady 

Jessica Yu’s Quiz Lady plays like a buddy road trip comedy from the ‘80s and ‘90s, a subgenre sorely missed in 2023. Anne Yum (Awkwafina), an uptight accountant, loves two things: her dog Linguini and “Can't Stop The Quiz,” a game show in the style of Jeopardy! Anne is a savant, correctly answering questions left and right from the comfort of her couch. 

After a misunderstanding at her mother’s nursing home, Anne’s chaotic sister Jenny (Sandra Oh) comes storming into town. The sisters’ mother is not dead. Instead, she fled the country due to her massive gambling addiction. Shortly after Jenny’s arrival, a bookie kidnaps Linguini and demands $80,000 to pay off the mother’s gambling debt. Jenny suggests winning the money on the game show, which sets off a cross-country road trip where the sisters must repair their relationship if they stand any chance of turning Anne into a quiz champion. 

Streaming November 3 on Hulu. 


It may be home to Thanksgiving, but November is the correct month to start watching Christmas movies. The best Christmas movie of the 21st century is Elf, which arrives on Hulu later this month. Directed by Jon Favreau, Elf chronicles the life of Buddy (Will Ferrell), a human accidentally transported to the North Pole as a child. Raised by Santa’s elves, Buddy struggles to fit in due to his human nature.

Now an adult, Buddy sets off on a voyage to New York City to find his biological father, Walter Hobbs (James Caan). Unfortunately for Buddy, Walter is on the Naughty List as a modern-day Scrooge who prioritizes business over his family. Convinced he can cheer him up with a little Christmas spirit, Buddy arrives unannounced at Walter’s office, much to Walter’s shock. Walter reluctantly takes in Buddy after a DNA test proves they are father and son. 

Though his methods are unconventional, Buddy’s innate charm and elf persona win over Walter’s wife and son. Walter, however, needs a bit more convincing. Two decades later, Elf remains a heartwarming and funny Christmas classic and a must-watch during the holiday season.   

Streaming November 23 on Hulu.

Faraway Downs

In 2008, Baz Luhrmann directed Australia, a historical epic set during the beginning of World War II. Nicole Kidman starred as Lady Sarah Ashley, a wealthy aristocrat who travels to Australia to sell her inherited cattle ranch, Faraway Downs. After the death of her husband, Lady Sarah must join forces with a man known as The Drover (Hugh Jackman) to steer her cattle across the terrain to save the ranch from getting into the hands of King George (David Gulpilil), who wishes to sell the property.

15 years later, Luhrmann has recut the film into a six-part series retitled Faraway Downs. The series combines scenes from the theatrical cut with unused footage to tell the epic and romantic adventure through the eyes of a young bi-racial Indigenous child named Nullah (Brandon Walters). Faraway Downs will include a different ending from Australia, providing an intriguing reason to revisit Luhrmann’s love letter to his native country.

Streaming November 26 on Hulu.

Die Hard

Bruce Willis (as John McClane) crawls in a vent in Die Hard, which is arguably a Christmas movie

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To say Die Hard changed action cinema would be an understatement. Before Die Hard, action heroes resembled indestructible superheroes with large muscles and even bigger weapons. However, Bruce Willis played John McClane as a foul-mouthed, believable New York City detective who took his fair share of abuse. McClane travels across the country to his estranged wife’s company holiday party with the hopes of reconciling their relationship.

Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) and his group of terrorists had other plans for the party, trading in their eggnog for machine guns. Hans is interested in bearer bonds worth $700 million in the building vault and holds the party guests as hostages. Despite the detailed and precise plan, Hans could have never prepared for McClane, who does everything to disrupt the heist. After watching Die Hard, you must answer this question: is it a Christmas movie? 

Streaming November 30 on Hulu.

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