This iOS hack lets you mute specific people on your iPhone — here's how

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Did you know that you can silence calls from specific contacts on your iPhone? 

I know, it’s groundbreaking news for those of us with friends or family members who are just ever-so-slightly too enthusiastic (or rather, persistent) with their phone calls or messages — often at inconvenient times.

You’ll be using the Focus Modes feature on your iPhone to do this, which allows you to temporarily silence notifications and reduce distractions. 

As well as letting certain apps know that you’re busy, the Focus feature lets you mute notifications from a specific contact. So if you’re busy at work or you simply need a momentary breather, you can enable or disable this feature as and when you need. This means you can always go back to check out your call notifications later on.

It’s easy to do and thankfully, your contact will never know you’ve silenced them. 

And so, without further ado, here’s how you can silence calls and messages from a specific contact on your iPhone. 

How to silence a specific contact on your iPhone

Before we get started, to ensure we're all on the same page, you'll want your iPhone to be fully up to date. We can show you how to update an iPhone if you need some help.

1. Go to Settings > Focus

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Open Settings and tap Focus.

2. Tap '+' > Custom

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Tap the plus sign (+) on the top right-hand corner of your screen, then select Custom.

3. Name your Focus

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Give your Focus a name, for example ‘Silence Mom’ or ‘Mute boss’ (you can also customise your Focus by adding an icon or colour) then press Next.

4. Tap Customize Focus

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Then, tap Customize Focus.

5. Tap People > Silence Notifications From

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Here, you can choose between silencing People or Apps. You’ll need to tap People, then tick Silence Notifications From.

6. Add Contacts > Done

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Lastly, tap Add Contacts (+), choose the specific contacts you want to silence notifications from, then press Done.

It’s really as simple as that. Now you know how to silence calls from specific contacts on your iPhone in just a few taps. Easy peasy!

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