How to only see Threads from people you follow

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Threads has arrived on the social media scene, but if you've downloaded the app and are wondering why your feed is full of people you don't know, then don't worry. Tom's Guide has been using Threads since it launched and we're here to show you how to see Threads from people you follow first with this quick hack.

Threads is Instagram's new rival to Twitter. Created by Meta, which also owns Facebook, the latest social media platform lets you write, share, and respond to posts in up to 500 characters. 

If you're already an Instagram user, then when you sign up to Threads, you're presented with an instant following. 

But users who downloaded the app when it was released earlier this week were in for a bit of a surprise. 

Instead of a feed full of familiar faces, they were met with Threads from total strangers. While this feature is a great way to discover new people to follow and content, for some, it felt like a party where only one or two faces were familiar. 

Unfortunately, there's no way to limit your Threads timeline to just those you're following like there is on rival Twitter. 

While Meta has confirmed that this is a feature they will roll out in the near future, for now, we have a hack that will filter your notifications and threads to just those you follow. 

How to change your Threads to show people you follow first

Read on to see detailed instructions for each step.

1. Open the Threads app and head to your profile

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Open the Threads app and tap on profile, this is the icon that looks like a person in the bottom right-hand corner.

2. Open settings

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Tap the two lines in the top right-hand corner to open Settings. 

3. Tap Notifications

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Next, you need to tap Notifications.

4. Tap Threads and replies

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Next up, tap on Threads and replies.

5. Change the settings to “From people you know”

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You’ll see a range of settings here, including Likes, Replies, Mentions, Reports, Quotes and First Threads.

You need to tap each of these to select From people you know

6. Head back home

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Tap the Home icon, this will take you back to your feed, and you should find that it’s now only showing posts from people you follow on Threads. 

If you want to change things back, just follow the same steps and select Everyone

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