How to copy and paste images between your Apple devices with Universal Clipboard

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Knowing how to use your iPhone is something I thought I couldn't learn anything more about, but a viral TikTok trend just proved me wrong. Right now it seems every iOS user (myself included) is blown away by a hack/trick that you have to try out yourself to believe.

Using a three-finger pinch, you can copy and paste an image from your iPhone to your iPad (and vice versa.) But when you see the gesture in action, it looks more like you're picking up the image from one device and dropping it on the other. It's safe to say I was left speechless when I tried the feature out using my iPhone 11 and iPad mini 6.

After I confirmed it worked, I recorded and posted it to our TikTok account. If you follow Tom's Guide on TikTok, you might've seen it already. Otherwise you can check it out below:


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Witchcraft, I tell you.

Of course it's not really magic. This neat trick is a part of Apple's Universal Clipboard feature that helps Apple devices on the same account work more directly together. Not to be confused with our guide on how to use Universal Control on Macs and iPads, Universal Clipboard lets you copy something on one device and paste in on another. 

We actually wrote an explainer on how to use Universal Clipboard on Mac, iPhone and iPad earlier this year, though the Universal Clipboard existed well before then. It's definitely one of the more underrated benefits of owning multiple Apple devices.

As long as your iPad and iPhone are set up to allow Handoff, you too can join in on the TikTok trend. Or maybe it's a tool that will actually make your life easier. Me? I can't say I'll need it much, since all my photos sync between devices thanks to a generous iCloud storage plan. But it'll make a great party trick.

Using the feature is truly as simple as our TikTok makes it look. Open a photo on your iPhone, pinch in your screen with three fingers and pinch out on your iPad with three fingers. Or start with an image on your iPad and paste it on your iPhone. 

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Also make sure you update your iPhone to IOS 15.4.1 as soon as possible

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