How to get a Verizon student discount

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If you’re currently in education or set to be heading off to college in the coming weeks, and are looking for back to school sales, then you’ll want to know how to get a Verizon student discount. 

Your cellphone is likely to be the hub of your college experience, bringing together both your academic and social life. You’ll no doubt have plenty of essays and assignments to keep track of and a whole load of classmates to text message, so you’ll want a mobile plan offering plenty of texts, minutes and data. That’s why this Verizon student discount on a 5G Unlimited Plan is an offer you won’t want to refuse. 

If you’re looking to trim your cellphone bill, then this Verizon student discount could be exactly what you’re looking for — and even better it could help an additional member of your family or social circle save money as well. (Not a student, check out our guide to the best Verizon promo codes and best Verizon phone deals).

Verizon student discount: up to $25 off/month @ Verizon

Verizon student discount: up to $25 off/month @ Verizon
Verizon student discounts are available for students heading back to college. Students can save $10 with one line or $25  with two lines. You'll need to be signed up to one of Verizon's 5G Do More, 5G Play More, or 5G Get More plans to get the discount. 

Who is eligible for a Verizon student discount? 

In order to claim a Verizon student discount, you must first prove that you are in fact a student. This can be done via UNiDAYS, just register for an account using your college credentials and you can start scoring epics savings from a whole host of retailers within a matter of minutes. If you’ve already got a UNiDAYS account then you’re all set to claim your Verizon student discount.  

What is included in the Verizon student discount?  

The Verizon student discount allows eligible students to save up to $25 per month on Unlimited plans. This promotion is available across 5G Do More ($45 per month), 5G Play More ($45 per month) and 5G Get More ($55 per month) plans. 

A $10 per month discount is available on a single line, with a larger $25 per month saving if you take out two lines. The eligible student must be the plan account holder, and this offer is limited to one discount per Verizon account.  

How to claim your Verizon student discount 

Claiming a Verizon student discount is extremely straightforward. Firstly, head over to this Verizon student discount landing page. Then you need to confirm your eligibility via UNiDAYS, and then once you’ve verified that you are a student you can continue with your purchase at Verizon. Just make sure that you pick the package that best suits your needs because once you’ve taken out an Unlimited Plan with a student discount you can’t add an extra line for a discounted price at a later date.  

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