How to block emails in Gmail

How to block email in Gmail
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If you’re getting messages you’d rather not receive, it’s pretty easy to block email senders in Gmail. This works for both emails from private addresses and from commercial mailing lists, so feel free to block liberally — though with the latter it’s worth trying the ‘unsubscribe’ route first.

If all else fails, though, here’s how to block emails in Gmail.

1. Open 

First off, you need to open Gmail. I’m doing this on PC, but the process is very similar on the iOS and Android apps.  

Step 1: How to block emails in Gmail

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 2. Find an offending email 

Next, you need to find an email from the person/company you want to block. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ve sent myself a mean email from another account, and will now proceed to block this imaginary troll (rather than interact via Gmail’s useful suggested replies). 

Step 2: How to block emails in Gmail

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3. Open the ‘more’ submenu 

Next to the time and date and the top of the email, there are three vertical dots that Google calls ‘more’. Press this to open up additional options. 

Step 3: How to block emails in Gmail

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4. Block the sender 

The sixth option in the drop-down menu that appears is to “Block ‘Sender Name’”. Click this. 

Step 4: How to block emails in Gmail

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 5. Confirm the block 

A warning will pop up informing you that all future emails from the sender will be marked as spam messages. Press “Block” to confirm or “Cancel” if you have a change of heart. 

Step 5: How to block emails in Gmail

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6. You’re done — but it’s easy to undo if you’ve made a mistake 

All future emails from the blocked sender will go to your spam folder. But if you’ve made a huge mistake, just tap the “Unblock sender” button and things will return to normal.

If you want to unlock at a later date and don’t have the email to hand, you can find a list of all the email addresses you’ve blocked under Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses. 

Just press “unblock” next to the person you want to remove from your banned senders list and they will be able to email as normal.

Step 6: How to block emails in Gmail

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