Oura Ring's new upgrade solves my biggest problem with my Apple Watch

Oura Ring Generation 3 review
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There's a key reason I wear both an Apple Watch and Oura Ring every day. I've found that the Oura Ring successfully complements the Apple Watch's health tracking with more advanced sleep and recovery metrics. Until now, though, there hasn't been a way to see this Oura Ring data directly on my Apple Watch face.

When I documented my takeaways from wearing the Oura Ring for an entire year, I said "it would be great to see an Oura app for Apple Watch." Just a few weeks later, Oura Ring and Apple announced exactly that — an Oura Ring app for Apple Watch, as well as Apple Watch complications that display Oura Ring data. 

This means that I'm able to view all three pillars of the Oura Ring experience (sleep, Readiness, and Activity) from an Apple Watch companion app. While the watch version of the Oura app doesn't have all the features of the iOS Oura app on my iPhone, it delivers the highlights. Paired with the fitness, cycle tracking and medications apps on my Apple Watch, I'm now able to get a complete overview of my health on my smartwatch.

To that point, it's the Oura complications for Apple Watch that I'm most excited about. I can now see the scores generated by my Oura Ring on the watch face of my Apple Watch Series 8, without needing to open the Oura app.

My Apple Watch face is the command center for all the tidbits of information I need to see at a glance. I use the Modular watch face, which supports up to 7 complications. Those complications can either be native to Apple Watch or available through third-party Apple Watch apps. Support for third-party app complications is also how I got my step count on my Apple Watch face.

Recovery data on my Apple Watch face is a game-changer

As much as I know how to use the Apple Watch, I've struggled to use it in a way that promotes recovery. While it's great to close my Apple Watch rings, there are times I need to take a day off. Whether I've had a particularly intense workout, missed out a good night of sleep, or might be getting sick, recovery is important.

I use my readiness score on my Oura Ring to understand when I should take it easy. The last thing I ever want is a workout-related injury, so it's good to have a fitness tracker that offers recovery guidance.

Now, with the new Oura Ring app and complications for Apple Watch, I'll be able to see my readiness score on my wrist. This will help me prioritize my energy levels and plan my activity for the day. So, if you ask me, the upgrade makes both the Oura Ring and Apple Watch even better wearable health devices. 

Kate Kozuch

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