New on Netflix: 7 movies and shows to watch this week (March 18-24)

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We're at the halfway point of March already, if you can believe it. That means it's time once again to explore everything that's new on Netflix this week. There's plenty to choose from, including the highly-anticipated "3 Body Problem." 

"3 Body Problem" is a sci-fi adventure that tells a story from two different perspectives. In the past, an astrophysicist is tasked with making contact with aliens at a remote facility. Then, 50 years later, a scientist is left to try and figure out what's happening when colleagues are taking their own lives due to something terrifying that occurred all those years prior.  

There's also "Buying Beverly Hills" season 2, and if you're all about the drama, you'll feel nice and at home checking out The Agency's latest real estate finds, sales, and the drama that happens behind the scenes, too. 

Think that's it? Not quite! It's a super-sized month with plenty of options to choose from. If you want to see more, look out for the rest of what's coming to the service as you keep scrolling. Just don't miss our complete day-by-day rundown of what's new on Netflix this week below. 

New on Netflix this week: Top picks

'Brian Simpson: Live from the Mothership'

Comedian Brian Simpson makes his Netflix debut with this one-hour stand-up special shot at The Comedy Mothership in Austin, Texas. Channeling his background as a foster child and former Marine, Simpson works his way through a unique set of jokes pulled from the experiences that have shaped him over the years. He explores everything from racism to masculinity in his special as he tackles important topics with much-needed levity. 

Watch on Netflix starting March 19

'Physical: 100 season 2'

This South Korean reality competition series returns with 100 new contestants, all endowed with exceptional strength and physiques. They go head-to-head against each other in a series of challenges that test their endurance, agility, strength, and even their ability to exercise self-preservation. The show, structured like a tournament, seeks the strongest and most capable of all of the contestants, with the winner receiving 300 million won ($240,000).

Watch on Netflix starting March 19

'Bodies Bodies Bodies'

A group of rich kids partying, drinking, and doing drugs find themselves waiting out a hurricane at a wild party. They soon decide to play a deadly murder mystery game with the lights off. When one of them ends up dead, they all start to turn on each other, and they're forced to figure out who's behind all the violence — but of course, it won’t be that easy. 

Watch on Netflix starting March 20

'3 Body Problem'

Astrophysicist Ye Wenjie (Rosalind Chao) saw her father murdered during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Years later, she finds herself conscripted into the military because of all the events that shaped her youth as she's sent to a secretive remote base tasked with making contact with aliens. She makes an important choice that echoes in the present day over 50 years later when it seems that first contact has spiraled off into something far more sinister as scientists all over the world are ending their lives. What did Wenjie discover in the past, and what is happening in the present?

Watch on Netflix starting March 21

'Buying Beverly Hills' season 2

The real estate moguls return in this sleek reality series. Mauricio Umansky and the rest of The Agency return along with estranged wife Kyle Richards and the pair's two daughters. This second dose of behind-the-scenes affairs in the world of high-end real estate appears to shine a light on The Agency leads' marriage as well as some of the company's high-priority clients. Whatever is happening at the firm, it's guaranteed to include plenty of drama. 

Watch on Netflix starting March 22

'The Casagrandes Movie'

This movie-sized version of the Nickeledeon spinoff of "The Loud House" comes to Netflix with a story that follows Ronnie Anne Santiago (Izabella Alvarez). After her family's plan to go to Mexio for a trip together falls apart, Ronnie tries to prove to her family that she can be left alone at home. Except she might have a hard time doing that when she accidentally welcomes a childlike demigod into her home.

Watch on Netflix starting March 22


Learn all about the first Black congresswoman and political activist Shirley Chisholm (Regina King). This exploration of her career follows her 1972 run for president. This important tale arrives to follow an icon that many remain unfamiliar with, despite her status as a pioneer on several different levels.

Watch on Netflix starting March 22

Everything new on Netflix: March 18-24


Love & Hip Hop New York: Season 1-2

Young Royals: Season 3 (SE) (Netflix Series)
As Hillerska confronts the worst crisis in the school's history, Wilhelm and Simon navigate heartbreaking revelations and final decisions.

Young Royals Forever (SE) (Netflix Documentary)
From casting to the final take, this special shows how the cast and crew of "Young Royals" bring Wilhelm and Simon's heartwarming journey to life.


Brian Simpson: Live from the Mothership (Netflix Comedy)
“Brian Simpson: Live from the Mothership” is the debut one hour stand-up special from comedian Brian Simpson.  Set to premiere globally on March 19, this groundbreaking special marks the first-ever comedy special to be shot at Joe Rogan’s club, The Comedy Mothership, in Austin, TX. Brian Simpson brings a fresh and unparalleled perspective to the stage.  With a background as a foster child and Marine Corps veteran, Simpson’s life experiences have shaped his rugged comedic style, resulting in a rare combination of authenticity, wit and relatability.  Simpson’s ability to channel his unique journey into a refreshingly original point of view sets him apart as one of the most exciting and original voices in comedy today.

Forever Queens: Season 2 (MX) (Netflix Series)
Our showbiz queens take the stage once again with three new divas, a new song and a brand new performance. But the drama? That hasn't changed one bit.

Physical: 100: Season 2 (KR) (Netflix Series)
Returning with 100 new contestants to claim the honor of the ultimate physique, this fiery global competition takes the challenges to new heights.


Bodies Bodies Bodies 


3 Body Problem (Netflix Series)
Across continents and decades, five brilliant friends make earth-shattering discoveries as the laws of science unravel and an existential threat emerges.


Buying Beverly Hills: Season 2 (Netflix Series)
Family drama, luxury listings, and fierce competition in the LA market set the stage for this new season of Buying Beverly Hills. This real estate occu-soap follows top agents from Mauricio Umansky’s The Agency, including his daughters Farrah, Alexia and Sophia as they navigate the high stakes world of luxury real estate, relationships, and friendships. 

The Casagrandes Movie (Netflix Film)
A family vacation to Mexico stirs up mythical mayhem in this feature-length animated comedy based on the hit series "The Casagrandes."

El Paseo 7

On The Line

SHIRLEY (Netflix Film)
"Shirley" tells the story of the first Black congresswoman and political icon, Shirley Chisholm, and her 1972 trailblazing run for president of the U.S. Academy Award winner Regina King stars as the political icon in this rousing drama.

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