The new AirPods Pro 2 just got their first price cut on Amazon

AirPods Pro 2022
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It's a modest price cut, but Amazon just became the first retailer to discount the new Apple AirPods Pro (2022)

For a limited time, you can get Apple AirPods Pro (2022) for $239 at Amazon. That's $10 off and one of the first AirPods Pro 2 preorder deals we've seen. The new AirPods Pro will be released on Friday, September 23. 

AirPods Pro (2022): $249 $239 @ Amazon

AirPods Pro (2022): $249 $239 @ Amazon
The newly announced AirPods Pro 2 pack Apple's new H2 chip to provide 2x more noice cancellation than their predecessors. They also offer Personalized Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking for a more immersive audio experience. Preorders are now live with in-store availability coming on September 23. By comparison, Best Buy is offering preorders for $249

We have yet to fully review the new AirPods Pro (2022). However, our initial hands-on shows that Apple's new buds have an impressive selection of upgrades. The new buds promise twice as effective active noise cancellation as their predecessors, 6 hours of playtime with ANC (up from 4.5 hours offered on the previous gen), and personalized spatial audio leveraging the iPhone's TrueDepth camera for a truly tailored listening experience. 

The case has also received noticeable upgrades. It now offers 30 hours of playtime, it can be found with Apple Find My (via its new mini speaker), and it can be juiced up wirelessly with an Apple Watch charger. It also has a small nook for attaching a strap. Overall, these new buds could easily earn on a spot on our list of the best wireless earbuds.

Another big upgrade is the inclusion of the new H2 chip. The chip powers a new Adaptive Transparency feature, which is a welcome compromise for audio passthrough and noise cancellation. Spatial Audio can also be upgraded to Personalized Spatial Audio with the AirPods Pro 2. Using the TrueDepth camera on your iPhone, you can establish a personal listening profile for all existing listening experiences that support Spatial Audio. We haven't tested this feature out yet, but we're curious to see if it makes a noticeable difference.

The AirPods Pro 2 will be widely available in store on September 23. We expect to see more AirPods deals in the coming days, but if you want to be the first to get them — this is your best bet. 

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