Hurry! This Shark stick vacuum is 70% off in Black Friday deal

Product shot of the Shark Rocket stick vacuum cleaner against a yellow background with a Black Friday tag.
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If you've ever wanted a lightweight but powerful stick vacuum cleaner, the Shark Rocket corded stick vacuum is more than 70% off at Target in one of the best Black Friday deals we've yet seen. 

The Shark Rocket weighs less than eight pounds and can extend to reach the ceiling or far underneath the sofa. Pop off the extensible wand and the stick vacuum becomes a compact handheld for cleaning inside a car or reaching tight spots.  The deep-cleaning head gets right into the dirt in carpets and rugs. 

Shark Rocket Corded Stick: was $333 now $99 @Target

Shark Rocket Corded Stick: was $333 now $99 @Target
This super-lightweight stick vacuum can reach the ceiling, yet can be easily converted to a handheld to get under the sofa. It comes with a dust brush, an upholstery tool, a crevice tool and a 5-year warranty.

Of course, the Shark Rocket is also good for bare floors, and its swivel steering lets you easily get around furniture and corners. Meanwhile, its 30-foot power cord means you can reach anywhere in the house — and even out to the driveway.

Also included are a pet-hair multi-tool, a five-inch crevice tool and a wand for getting under large appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and dishwashers.

If you're looking for cordless vacuums, uprights or robovacs, be sure to check out our guide to the best Black Friday vacuum deals.

Paul Wagenseil

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