My favorite smart Christmas tree lets me customize its lighting effects — and it's 40% off right now on Amazon

Twinkly smart Christmas tree with holiday badge nearby.
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Since this is the first time I’ll be spending the holidays at my new home, I took the opportunity to finally put together my Twinkly pre-lit smart Christmas tree last weekend. Once I got it all set up, I cannot tell you how it’s easily the best Christmas tree I’ve ever owned — and my cats approve of it too. Best of all, it’s on sale for a limited time.

Amazon has the Evergreen Classics pre-lit Twinkly smart Christmas tree on sale for $306, which calculates to 40% off one of the coolest Christmas trees around. Instead of shelling out $515 for it originally, you’ll only need to pay $306 for it.

Twinkly pre-lit smart Christmas tree: was $515 now $306 @ Amazon

Twinkly pre-lit smart Christmas tree: was $515 now $306 @ Amazon
Why trouble yourself setting up a Christmas tree and stringing lights all over it? The Twinkly smart Christmas tree is pre-lit and offers an assortment of effects you can customize for a look unlike anything else out there.

If you’ve ever set up a Christmas tree before, then you surely know how time consuming it is stringing lights all over it. With Twinkly’s pre-lit smart Christmas tree, I’m not wasting any additional time because the string lights are already fastened throughout the tree. Most of my time was spent on spreading out each of the branches to make it look full, but the whole process took about 30 minutes.

Once I connected it to my home's Wi-Fi network, I was instantly mesmerized by its dazzling effects. The multi-color RGB lights throughout the tree are bright and vibrant, but it truly comes to life with Twinkly’s robust lighting effects in the app.

Not only are there effects that cycle through a multitude of colors, but I like how I can customize the arrangement through the app to get the right look I’m going after. Check out the video above to see some of the lighting effects you can get with this Twinkly tree.

While all of the preset options are impressive, I took the extra step of mapping the individual lights by pointing my phone’s camera at the tree during setup. This essentially allows my Christmas tree to synchronize with the outdoor Twinkly string lights I also set up on my porch and nearby pear tree. As a result, I have this neat wavy pattern going throughout my home because of how all my Twinkly lights are connected to each other.

So, you might be asking what makes it “smart” aside from the fact I can control it through the Twinkly app on my phones? Well, I can set schedules to have it turn on/off during set times. But I can also set custom routines through the Google Home or Alexa apps that can trigger my Christmas tree to turn on whenever my front door opens because of the door sensor I’ve placed there. Needless to say, my neighbors are jealous.

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