I review exercise bikes for a living — and this is the Prime Day Peloton deal I’d buy right now

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If you’ve been waiting for the Amazon Prime Day sales to drop to invest in an exercise bike, I’ve got good news — I test exercise bikes for a living, and my favorite bike is on sale right now.  The Peloton Bike is $1,145 on Amazon right now, which is a $300 saving (if you’re logging on in the UK, the bike is £1,049 in the Amazon Prime Day sale). 

The Peloton Bike is one of the best exercise bikes on our list, and it’s currently in the Amazon Prime Day sale. If you’d prefer the rotating screen to do classes off the bike, the Peloton Bike Plus is also on discount today, down to $2,145 in the Prime Day sale. Don’t hang around, these deals won’t be around for long. 

Peloton Bike: was $1,445 now $1,145 @ Amazon

Peloton Bike: was $1,445 now $1,145 @ Amazon
The Peloton Bike has a 22” touchscreen which allows you to view all of the classes on the Bike. The Bike has a neat footprint, which is about the same size as a yoga mat at four feet long and two feet wide, and a metal cage at the back for two lightweight dumbbells, which can be used in abs and arms classes on the bike. As mentioned above, it’s also on sale for £1,049 in the UK Amazon Prime Day sale.

The joy of Peloton is in it’s classes — with plenty of different instructors to choose from, it won’t take long for you to find your crowd, and then compete with them on the leaderboard. I’d argue Peloton’s content is one of the main things that set’s it apart from competitors — it’s why millions of us flocked to Peloton in the pandemic, and it’s the next best thing to going to an actual spin studio. In order to access the classes, you’ll need to pay the $44/£39 a month All-Access Membership fee in order to do classes on the Bike.

On the screen during a class you’ll see metrics like power, cadence, resistance and heart rate, as well as the leaderboard. You can do scenic rides, complete training programmes and challenges (read what happened when our fitness editor tried the four-week ab challenge here), see your workout history, and play Peloton’s Lanebreak game. 

The main difference between the cheaper Peloton Bike and the Peloton Bike Plus is the screen. in the screens. On the cheaper Peloton Bike, the screen is slightly smaller, at 21.1 inches compared to the Bike Plus’ 23.8 inches. Both screens are HD, offering similar picture quality, but the Bike Plus has an anti-reflective coating — handy if you’re planning on positioning your bike right next to a window.

The screen on the Bike Plus has a 360-degree swiveling mount, allowing you to tilt it up and down for a better view while cycling or 180 degrees left and right for floor workouts. The screen on the Bike doesn’t rotate from side to side. Still can’t decide between the two? Read our Peloton Bike vs Peloton Bike Plus face-off here. 

If you’re not bothered about doing classes next to your Bike, or you’d rather use the Pleoton app to follow strength and yoga classes, I’d save your money and buy the cheaper of the two Bikes. It’s still the same fantastic content, and both Bikes are extremely well made, plus, at $1,145/£1,049, you’re getting a bargain.

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