Squarespace promo codes for November 2022


What is Squarespace?

Squarespace offers website building, web hosting & domain management to its customers. It offers a simple online builder tool that allows you to create your own website from the ground up or by using presets. You can choose a favorite from the selection of Squarespace templates, then use the interface to drag and drop different elements, putting them into place & changing their settings to make your site exactly the way you want to. For more detail, take a look at our advice on how to build a website with Squarespace.

Is Squarespace free?

No, but you can take advantage of a 14-day Squarespace free trial to make sure it's the right website builder for you before you pay for a subscription. Your site won't be public whilst you're on a free trial, but you'll have access to the majority of the site's features. As you can have separate plans for different sites, you can arrange a free trial for every new site you set up too. If you're happy to continue, just start a paid plan at the end of the trial to continue with the site you've made.

How much is Squarespace?

Squarespace has four pricing plans: Personal, Business, Basic Commerce and Advanced Commerce. These range between $19 - $65 per month depending on which you pick, although you can save on these prices slightly by paying annually. You can find out more in our Squarespace pricing plan guide at the bottom of the page.

Is Squarespace good?

Can I read a Squarespace review?

Is that Zendaya in the latest Squarespace ad?

It is! Squarespace's Big Game Commercial 2022, titled 'Sally's Seashells', stars Zendaya and is narrated by André 3000. It is designed to promote the brand's support for e-commerce features and appeal to small businesses looking to create sites where they can sell their goods online. You can view the ad in full on the Squarespace website.

How do I use my Squarespace login?

When you create your Squarespace account, you'll be asked to provide an email address and create a password. These will be your Squarespace login details. Whenever you're asked to sign in to Squarespace website or app, just enter your Squarespace login details to get started with all the perks of the plan you've chosen.

How do I contact Squarespace?

If you need to contact the Squarespace customer service team, you can head to the Contact Us page on their website to send them an email. You can also find answers to many common questions in the help center.

Squarespace hints and tips

In addition to Squarespace coupon codes, there are various other ways to save money when selecting your plan: 

  • Pick an annual subscription: No matter the plan, Squarespace pricing gets cheaper when you commit to a year upfront. For example, the most popular package, Business, costs $33 per month but drops to $23 per month when you pay annually. If you can foot the upfront cost, it's well worth doing so to save a few dollars a month in the long run.
  • Take Advantage of Squarespace deals: ou'll often see deals for new Squarespace customers which offer lower monthly prices, months of membership free, or add-ons with specific plans. As well as introductory deals, Squarespace periodically run promotions to help you save on your membership. We've previously seen Squarespace promo codes for as much as 20% off monthly membership which have landed on our best cheap website builder deals list.
  • Get a Squarespace student discount: Students can save 50% on their first full year of an annual membership plan. To redeem your discount, you'll need to verify your status with a valid Student Beans account via the Squarespace website.
  • Join the Squarespace affiliate program: If you're a fan of Squarespace and know people who would like to use it, sign up to the Squarespace affiliate program. You can refer as many people as you like each year, and you'll earn a few extra dollars from commission every time someone you've referred purchases their first Squarespace subscription.
  • Select the right Squarespace plan: Take a good look at the different Squarespace plans to make sure you pick the right one for you. If you just want a place to showcase your artwork or creative writing then you don't need the commerce features that come with the more pricey packages. Picking the right plan for your needs is the best way to save.

How to use Squarespace promo codes 

Squarespace promo codes can be entered during the checkout process after creating an account and selecting the pricing package that best fits your website requirements. Remember that some codes can only be redeemed by a brand new account. If you already have a Squarespace website you may not be able to take advantage of every coupon code out there. 

How much is Squarespace? Our guide to their pricing

An image from the Squarespace website of a laptop with Squarespace website builder on the screen. There is some text next to the image saying 'Everything you need to grow online'

(Image credit: Squarespace)

Squarespace offers four unique pricing plans. You can see a complete breakdown of what each pricing plan offers on the Squarespace website, but the packages are Personal, Business, Basic Commerce and Advanced Commerce. 

All of the packages come with some basic necessities such as a free custom domain, SEO tools to boost your site's visibility, SSL Security and access to a range of templates. Take a look at the Squarespace features page for more information. 

The Personal package costs $19 per month or $168 annually. It’s perfect for anyone looking to create a portfolio or hobbyist sites. Meanwhile, the Business package costs $33 a month or $276 annually and is designed for companies seeking to give customers information about their services via a professional-looking website. 

The two commerce packages are for anyone looking to set up an online store. Depending on the volume of products you have available and the number of orders you expect to deal with, you can opt for either the Basic package for $36 a month or $324 a year, or the Advanced package for $65 a month or $588 annually. 

When you create your website, Squarespace offers you personalized support through live chat and email, and there are also live webinars you can join so you’ll always have someone on hand to help you when you need it.